Here in Minnesota, we’re known for hot dish and cold winters. As soon as the temperatures start to dip in the fall, most of us are hunkered down inside—and sometimes during all that time indoors, you notice that your windows just aren’t doing the job anymore. The sills are icy, the gaps are drafty, and your neighbor’s snowblower sounds like a freight train because your windows no longer absorb sound from outside. Can you get new windows even when it’s 5 below out? What’s the best time of year to replace your windows? Here’s what you need to know.

When to Replace Windows

Many homeowners realize that their windows need replacement in the winter months, but unfortunately, winter is the worst time of the year to replace them for those of us in northern climates. If you only need to replace a window or two, it can be done without too much inconvenience, but if we’re talking about replacing windows on a whole house, it’s not ideal.

Even though it’s not ideal, it is possible. We do window replacement in the winter all the time despite it not being the best time of the year to replace windows. The process is usually slower, as we typically replace one window at a time and set up zip walls in spaces that can’t be closed off and isolated from the rest of the house. If a snowstorm hits, we’ll have to pause work until the weather is clear again.

Spring and fall are better times of year to replace windows when compared to winter, but as you might guess, the very best time to replace windows in Minnesota is in the summer.

Advantages of Replacing Windows in the Summer

Most people who need replacement windows replace all of the windows in their home at the same time, or perhaps all of the windows on the front of the house one year and the windows on the back of the house the next. When you’re replacing a lot of windows, you’re letting a lot of outside air into your home, which makes summer window replacement a natural choice. 

Although you’re more likely to notice that your windows aren’t very energy efficient in the winter when they’re letting cold air in, the same thing happens in the summer with warm air, so you’ll enjoy lower utility bills right away. Low-e coating can help block heat from the sun to keep your home cool too. Unwanted noise will be blocked by your new windows, so you’ll be able to sleep easy even when your neighbors are throwing a roaring backyard party until the wee hours of the morning.

Best of all, when you replace your windows in the summer, you’ll be ready for the frigid temperatures when winter rolls around. You won’t have to worry about rushing to schedule installation in the fall or suffering through another cold snap with drafty windows.

What to Do When You Need New Windows in the Winter

If you need new windows and it’s not summer, you can move forward with your window replacement, knowing that it might be a bit of an inconvenience, or you can book your summer window replacement now so you’re at the top of the schedule when the weather warms up. In the meantime, you can stay a little bit more comfortable this winter by using caulk and weatherstripping until your brand new, energy-efficient windows are installed.

Learn More About Replacement Windows

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