Are your windows more than 20 years old? If so, they are likely costing you money from an energy standpoint. There are actually quite a few reasons why replacing your old windows is a wise choice for homeowners. Whether you’ve been thinking about replacing your windows for a while, or if you’ve just moved into a home with older windows, this is a good time to do it. 

Why Replace Your Old Windows? 

Save Energy/Money. 

You can save a significant amount of energy with new windows. The latest technology has improved the insulation of windows so that much less heat passes through the glass. Window frames are made with materials that provide additional insulation for optimal efficiency. You’ll save energy during the heating and cooling season by keeping your windows closed. And during the milder weather seasons you can keep your home comfortable by opening double pane windows that allow greater airflow. The bottom line: energy savings equals money savings. 

Add Value to Your Home. 

By replacing old windows you can increase the value of your home. Updated windows add to the resale value of your home, as well as improving curb appeal. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, new windows will offer you benefits now, and offer potential buyers benefits in the future. 

Make Cleaning Windows Easier. 

If there’s one chore that is unpleasant to take care of, it’s cleaning old windows. From the inside it’s no problem, but getting to the outside of the windows, especially those on the second or third level of your home, is especially challenging. However, new windows are designed to be easy to clean, with hinges that allow the windows to tip inward for access to both sides. 

Protection from UV Light. 

Besides heat and cold, old windows can let in too much unfiltered sunlight. While a lot of natural light in a home is a positive feature, the UV rays from the sun can cause fading of fabric and furniture. New windows filter out UV light while still allowing plenty of natural sunshine through to brighten up your home.

Safety and Security. 

New windows can be made with tempered glass that will not shatter on impact. This helps to protect you and your family from injury if a window is accidentally broken. Another option in new windows is laminated glass that holds the pieces of glass together even when it is shattered, which prevents entry by intruders. Thicker glass is also available in newer windows that can help to increase your home’s security. 

Reduce Outside Noise. 

Not only do newer insulated windows block outdoor air, they also reduce outside noise. You’ll experience reduced road noise as well as less noise from the neighbors living around you. If you live in a busy area, new windows can make your home feel more peaceful. 

Why Trust Your Window Installation to Zen Windows of the Twin Cities?

If you want to experience all the benefits of new windows, one of the most important factors is installation. You can purchase the best windows on the market, but if they are not installed properly you will have wasted your money. Zen Windows of the Twin Cities offers expert window installation for homeowners who want to replace their old windows as well as contractors who are building new homes. Our work is backed by a lifetime warranty. 

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