Hopper Window Replacement & Installation in the Twin Cities

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Are you looking at options for new windows in the Twin Cities and considering hopper windows? They’re an excellent option for many rooms in your home, and with Zen Windows Twin Cities working with you, you’ll be sure to get the exact combination of features, quality, and aesthetics you need.

Our customer-focused approach to window replacement is designed to make the process simple and painless in a way it rarely is with other companies. The shopping process, product quality, and warranty coverage you’ll get with Zen Windows make getting hopper windows easy.

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Benefits of Installing Hopper Windows

Hopper windows have hinges on the side or bottom that open from the top into your home. They’re designed to be easy to operate from below, and their size and design make them a secure and energy-efficient way to get light and airflow into a room.

They seal tight due to how their hinges work, and because they open at the top, they won’t let debris or water enter if they’re near the ground level — which might be a problem with other basement windows.

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Lighten Dark Areas of Your Home With Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are most popular as a source of natural lighting and easy ventilation where you wouldn’t usually want a full-sized window. Installed in a basement, they help introduce natural light and ventilation, preventing the common scenario of a dank, dark, musty basement.

Consider hopper windows in a first-floor bathroom or high on the walls of any other space where you might want privacy or wouldn’t want the energy loss or security risk of a full window. You’ll get the privacy you need with the natural light you desire. They’re a great addition to bathrooms, dressing rooms, laundry rooms, nurseries, and more.

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Hopper Windows vs. Awning Windows

Exterior view of open awning window in blue brick home.When shopping for hopper windows, you’ll inevitably look at its close cousin, the awning window. Where a hopper window opens into your home from the top, an awning window opens outward from the bottom, creating an awning outside.

Awning windows offer similar benefits to a hopper window, but with increased access in and out of the window and more protection against the rain. They’re a poor choice for somewhere you might have dirt, leaves, or bugs coming in, like basement windows, and might also be a poor choice in places where you want to maximize privacy and security.

Both offer excellent energy efficiency thanks to the structure of the window and its seal, and both are usually smaller than other windows.

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Replace Your Home’s Windows With Hopper Windows from Zen Windows Twin Cities

When you’re ready to replace your windows in the Twin Cities with hopper windows or any other style, you can count on Zen Windows Twin Cities to deliver an excellent experience. Working with our team and our customer-focused process means enjoying:

The Benefits of Multi-Window Replacement

While replacing windows, consider a multi-window replacement throughout your home. It’s easier and more efficient to replace multiple windows in a single process. You’ll reap the most substantial energy savings and home value improvement benefits. You’ll also be able to ensure perfectly matching windows throughout your home for a better aesthetic.

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