Quality Replacement Windows With 100% Hands-On Ownership

When The Owner Personally Handles Your Project, You’re Ensured A High-Quality, No-Stress Experience.

man looking out the window talking on the phone

A Message From Steve Copsey, Owner:

I’ll be honest. Small business owners have the most time, money, and “sweat equity” invested in their business than anyone else. They also have the most to lose if things aren’t done right.

That’s why it makes the most sense to go with a Twin Cities window replacement company where the owner is actively involved in your project. A hands-on owner is truly going to care about your experience and the quality of your project.

As the owner of Zen Windows, I am actively involved in 100% of my customers’ projects. When you call for a quote, you speak directly to me. When we install your windows, I oversee the job. If you have any questions at any time, you dial my personal cellphone number. When it comes to your project, the buck stops with me… and I ensure everything is done to my rigorous standards.

4 Advantages Of Dealing Directly With The Owner…

No Miscommunication: The handoff between the sales and production is seamless, since I’m both of them. Nobody will be saying, “I thought he said….”

  1. Lower Prices: I don’t have to pay sales commissions, and I don’t need a bloated staff. That means lower prices for you.
  2. Cleaner & Friendlier: We leave your home “cleaner than we found it” because that’s how I insist on running my jobsites.
  3. No Arm Twisting: Forget about dealing with pushy sales people; I’m the “salesman” and I flat-out refuse to use any sort of pressure.
  4. Lifetime Warranties: Because I know exactly what went into your job, I’m willing to stand behind the work—forever.

I run my business like an open book. Read the reviews found on this site. Call our references and see what they think. It will all help you come to an inescapable conclusion: I really do care about your home.