New & Replacement Windows In MN

Without The High Prices & Sales Pressure

Here’s How We Provide Superb Window Replacement For The Twin Cities—With NONE Of The Typical Hassles.

A wall of windows in a brightlt lit kitchen

When it comes to getting new windows in the Twin Cities, it seems like you have only two options:

  1. Buy low-quality windows for a cheap price.
  2. Buy high-quality windows for an outrageously steep price.

And whichever you choose, expect sit through a drawn out in-home sales pitch filled with high pressure and pricing games.

Whether you’re looking for replacement casement windowsdouble hung windows, energy-efficient windows, or new windows altogether, we’re here for you and your home.

At Zen Windows, we’ve eliminated the typical pricing, pressure, and quality issues so common with window replacement in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.

Here Is What We DO Have:

  • 5-minute quotes—fill out our Get A Quote form, and we’ll email you a quote within one day
  • Window installers with years of experience and true passion for the craft
  • A partnership with one of the most respected window manufacturers in the USA that provides us with exclusive high-quality windows
  • Low overhead to provide you with the some of the best prices on a various selection of windows in the Twin Cities

Here Is What We DON’T Have:

  • High-pressure sales appointments that eat up hours of your time
  • A huge marketing budget that inflates costs and beats you over the head with advertising claims
  • Second-rate windows and inexperienced installers who cut corners

Our Lines Of Windows – Good, Better & Best

One thing people love about Zen Windows is that we don’t take the common “one size fits all” approach to window replacement that many companies do. Instead, we provide three outstanding window lines at different prices ranges.

All three lines are the best of the best in their class, and all three provide practically endless customization for glass, spacer, and Low-E combinations. So no matter what, you get a superior window for your needs and budget.

Below, you will find details on each of our window lines. If you’d like to see our windows in action, visit our Window Demonstration page.

“Good”: Karma Windows

Karma Windows are superior windows that are very competitively priced. They come standard with the sophisticated, double-insulating Low-E Plus glass system, which the Intercept spacer system®, a high-performance Low-E coating, and argon gas.


  • High-performance Low-E Glass.
  • Fusion-welded sashes and frame for exceptional strength and durability.
  • Dual-fin, wool-pile weather stripping for total protection around the perimeter of the sashes. Soft-Seal™ straddle gasket under the sash helps prevent air and water infiltration.
  • Certa-Force™ balance system for incredibly smooth and easy operation.
  • Integral lift rail features comfortable, ergonomic design.
  • Intercept® warm-edge spacer and sealant system resists condensation.
  • Extruded metal screen frame features unobtrusive black fabric and matching black spline.

“Better”: Nirvana Windows

Nirvana Windows are the next step up in the Zen Windows line. They come with all the features of the Karma line, along with exclusive features of their own.


  • High-performance Low-E Glass.
  • Fusion-welded sashes and frame are built to be exceptionally strong and durable.
  • Exterior beveled mainframe with drip cap provides beauty and style.
  • Integral lift rail features comfortable, ergonomic design.
  • Comfort Foam in the frame is an excellent insulator that improves the window’s thermal effectiveness.
  • Intercept® warm-edge spacer and sealant system provides superior seal integrity.
  • Certa-Force balance system provides smooth and easy operation.
  • Heavy-duty vent lock allows window to remain partially open for ventilation.

“Best”: Lotus Windows

Lotus is the “crème de la crème” of the Zen Windows lines. Lotus Windows comes standard with the technologically advanced, triple-pane Ultra S glass system and all the bells and whistles you could ever want from a window.


  • High-performance triple-pane Ultra S Glass.
  • Fiberglass reinforcement ensures maximum structural performance and enhances the security of the window.
  • Fusion welded sashes and frame are built to be exceptionally strong and durable.
  • Full beveled head provides a consistent, contemporary appearance.
  • Integral lift rail features comfortable, ergonomic design.
  • Super Spacer® metal-free warm-edge sealing system.
  • Certa-Force balance system for smooth operation.
  • Low-profile tilt latches on double hungs are easy to use and make for easy cleaning.

Want superior window replacement in the Twin Cities… with no pressure, pricing games, and hassles? Fill out the short form on our Get A Quote page, and we’ll email you an accurate, ironclad quote within on business day. It’s that easy! Have more questions? Visit our Window Installation FAQ page to see the most commonly asked questions about window replacement.