Are you thinking about replacing your old windows? You may have heard that the energy savings and added home value from new windows make it a worthwhile investment, which is absolutely true.

Old windows can be drafty and let too much heat and cold pass through. New windows are insulated to prevent the transfer of heat and cold through the glass and around the window frames. Now or even years from now, potential buyers for your home will be impressed with the addition of new windows. 

But the only way to get the most value out of your new windows is to have them properly installed. How do you identify a reliable window installation company? Here’s what to look for before you hire a window company. 


The first thing to do before hiring a window replacement company  is to check their credentials. Do they have the necessary licensing to install windows in the state where you live? A window installation company should be licensed in the state where the project will take place.

Are they insured? Do they carry workmans comp?


Years of Window Installation Experience

Construction worker installing new windows in a tan brick home.

Find out how much experience a window company  has in the business. Don’t choose a brand-new company that’s just starting out.

While they may have had the necessary training and experience working for someone else, you don’t want your home to be one of the first projects they handle on their own.

Look for at least a few years of established experience. Or if you do consider a newer company, ask for references from their previous employer who can vouch for their skills.

Many window contractors apprentice with an experienced window company before starting their own window business, making them more experienced than they may seem. 


It can help to get a feel for a replacement window company. This can be done through references and reviews. Most companies can provide you with references from previous satisfied customers and of course  most of  those will be all positive.

Due your diligence and call  references.

Be sure to also read online reviews that would alert you to any potential red flags with a business. Reviews on Google, Angi, BBB, Yelp  and others are easily found. Online reviews will give you a pretty accurate indication of the qulity of work and comunication standards of the company as well as the   friendliness of the workers.   

Ask friends, neighbors, and coworkers if they have a window company they recommend and see what names come up.

Does the company have a physical location or is it operating out of a house?


Specific training should be completed before a window installation company goes into business. On-the-job experience is useful, but professional training is just as important. Every person who works on your windows should be sufficiently trained to do the job.

The installers at Zen Windows Twin Cites each have over 15 years experience installing windows and doors.


A general contractor or carpenter may have the knowledge needed to install new windows, but if they don’t have any experience doing the actual window replacement process, they may not be able to do the best job.

Many window companies are now also doing attic insulation, bath and kitchen remodeling, countertops, siding, roofing and gutters.

You need a window specialist who handles nothing but windows and doors to do your installation. There are tiny details and specific best practices that only window experts know. Insist on a window expert for your installation. 

Window Warranties

Ask what kind of warranty a window installer offers for their work. A lifetime warranty would be the best possible option, securing the windows for as long as the windows themselves or the home exists.

This way, you know that if there are ever any problems with your windows, the company will take care of  repair or replacement. 

Get All of the Above & More From Zen Windows Twin Cities

New white vinyl windows with grids in a home. Sheer white curtains on either side. Sun coming in.Zen Windows Twin Cities is an experienced replacement window company with the necessary training, credentials, and expertise to perform your new window installation properly. We’ve earned a reputation in the community for quality new windows at affordable prices.

Our work is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about window problems in the future. Contact us with any window replacement questions

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