Window replacement is a common and beneficial home improvement. New windows can give your house curb appeal, save energy, and make cleaning and maintenance easier. The question many homeowners ask is, should I replace all the windows in my house at once?

The answer actually depends on a few different factors. Ask yourself the following question to help you determine whether this is a single or multi-window project. 

Why do you want to replace your windows?

The reason behind your interest in replacing your windows can help you determine what to do. 

I want to save energy.

If your primary goal in replacing your windows is to save energy, you should definitely replace them all at once. Old windows can allow heat to travel through too easily, meaning that it is decreasing the performance of your HVAC system. In the summer, old windows let it in too much heat and cause your AC to work overtime. In the winter, old windows let cold air seep in and cause your furnace to run more often and use more gas or propane. If you only replace some of your windows, your remaining old windows will still lack insulation and continue to be an energy drain.  

I want to improve the appearance of my home.

If your primary goal of window replacement is mainly aesthetic, you could consider replacing just the windows on the front of the house. Or maybe you want a special window, such as a bay window or a picture window that would be worth replacing alone. If your windows aren’t an energy concern and they are in decent shape, you may not want to replace them all at once. However, if your windows are old and drafty, it would be wise to replace them all. 

I want my home to feel more comfortable.

Tired of drafty windows making your home feel cold? If your home feels significantly cooler near the windows when the weather is cold outside, your windows are probably lacking sufficient insulation. If your windows are all the same age and one is drafty, they are likely all drafty. Poorly insulated windows should all be replaced at once to help your home feel more comfortable inside. 

I want windows that are easier to clean.

Are you tired of climbing a ladder to wash your windows from the outside or trying to lean out of an open window to clean the top part of the glass from the outside? Not only is this a pain, but it’s dangerous. New windows hinge and tilt inwards for easy cleaning. If maintenance is difficult, you may want to replace your old windows entirely.

I want to increase the resale value of my home.

New windows are one type of home improvement that is considered to be worthwhile in terms of resale value. The return on investment for new windows is greater than many kitchen remodels, bedroom additions, and outdoor projects. Windows are valuable to potential buyers because of the energy savings they offer.

I have a window that was broken and needs to be replaced.

If you have just one broken window, whether it was due to an accident or typical wear and tear over time, you may consider just replacing that one. However, if one window is showing signs of age, there’s a good chance the other windows in your home are too. It would be wise to have all of your windows inspected and their condition assessed. Where there’s one problem, there’s likely more. 

How Window Replacement Can Save You Money

While you may be reluctant to replace all of your windows at once because of the cost, it can actually save you money in the long term. Replacing windows helps your home be more energy efficient. New windows are more effectively insulated to keep heat from passing through. Advancements in technology have made windows with incredibly low solar heat gain coefficients, which is the technical term for the amount of heat that gets through a window. You may notice that your energy bill goes down with the following billing cycles after a window replacement job. 

Why Hire Zen Windows for your Replacement Project?

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