Replacement Double Hung Windows

Improve The Functionality Of Your Single Hung Windows

Making the switch to double hung windows in Twin Cities is as easy as it is practical. At Zen Windows, we pride ourselves in the ease of contracting our help, from upfront contracts with no hidden fees to a complete cleanup at the end of the job.

As for practicality, a double hung window has more utility than a single hung one. With a single hung window, you can only move the lower of the two window panes, but a double hung window allows for movement of both. We install single and double hung, so we’re not saying there is no place for single hung windows, but let’s look at some of the extra uses for the double hung variety.

The Utility Of Choice

When your window panes can move up, down and tilt inward, you get a lot of different benefits. Double hung windows in Twin Cities have a simple look that suits every home type. In addition to that, here are some of the other benefits to this kind of window.

  • Newer tilt panes are easy to clean.
  • Up and down sliding panes make window air conditioners easy to install.
  • Two movable panes lead to quadruple weather-stripping; a boon for energy efficiency.

Versatile Style For Every Home

Your new or replacement windows will be installed with our quality vinyl casings. This material is known to be durable and can mimic a variety of styles. For homes that are already wildly colorful, we have three simple interior-exterior colors: brown, beige and soft white.

Inside your home, you already have accents in the baseboard and around existing doors. We will help you choose the window casings that match what you already have. Some interior wood grain colors we offer include:

  • Light oak
  • Cherry
  • Brazilian cherry

For outside your home, you can have windows that stand out with vibrant, lasting colors. Vinyl has the color infused throughout, which means no matter how eye-catching your windows are, you will not be constantly repainting to help them keep their color. The color is also UV protected to prevent fading. Some of the colors you can choose for the exterior of your home include:

  • Sandstone
  • Gray
  • Sierra
  • Wedgewood blue
  • Bronze
  • Rosewood
  • Black

Getting The Total Zen Experience

Everything we do while installing new windows in your home is driven by one goal: your satisfaction. We realize there is more to that than a beautiful product at the end of the day, the Zen experience starts the moment you get in touch with our office. From start to finish, we strive to make contracting window installation for your home easy. That includes:

  • 5-minute quotes
  • No obligation
  • Clear contracts
  • Great communication
  • Clear contracts
  • Free broken glass warranty
  • After-job cleanup

How To Get Started Today

We welcome all your questions about single and double hung windows in Twin Cities. Finding out more is easy; you can use our online contact page or call our office at 877.572.2988. Our quotes are fast and easy and come with no strings attached. We would be honored to have your business.