Window Installation in St. Paul & Minneapolis

Our Clear Communication, Expert Installers & Lifetime Labor Warranty Ensure Immaculate, No-Stress Installation

Full-frame window installation on a two-story tan home

Window Replacement Made Easy With Zen Windows

Good installation makes or breaks a window project. That’s why at Zen Windows Twin Cities, we provide an installation that’s done once, done right, and done forever.

We demand absolute installation quality and are committed to keeping you relaxed and happy throughout the installation process. Here’s how we make window installation in the St. Paul and Minneapolis areas easy, pleasant, and stress-free:

1. Better Communication

We take the time to communicate all the pertinent details of your installation with you during every step of the process. This crystal-clear communication starts before installation day. If you choose us for your window replacement, you can be sure you’re kept in the loop from beginning to end.

2. Skilled, Experienced Window Installers

Our window installation team is comprised of expert veteran craftspeople who all have years of experience. These installers hold themselves to the highest standards, are passionate about their craft, and have mastered both full-frame and insert installation.

Our installers are also friendly, personable people. They see to it that you have a no-stress experience while they work on your home.

3. We Don’t Overschedule

A little-known problem with window companies is that they tend to overbook their schedules. This leads to rushed jobs, cut corners, and teams that don’t show up on time or at all.

At Zen Windows, we efficiently schedule our projects to allow us enough time to get each window installation exactly right and done on time. No cutting corners. No rush jobs. No delays due to poor planning. Period.

4. On-Site Owner

Owner Steve Copsey personally oversees your installation from start to finish and holds himself accountable for the quality of your project. If you have any questions or concerns at any point during the installation, Steve is happy to answer them.

5. Lifetime Warranties

We back up materials and installation with a lifetime warranty. You’re protected if you ever encounter a problem — even broken glass. For free. For life.

Ready to schedule a seamless window installation in the St. Paul area? Call (763) 286-6871 today.

Window Styles We Work With

When it comes to windows, there’s nothing more important than getting the right windows for your specific needs, goals, and desires. That’s why at Zen Windows, we offer a versatile collection of window styles for your consideration.

Ensure high-quality, energy-efficient windows when you choose from any of our styles:

  • Single-hung: A simple, effective window style with two sashes, one fixed in place and one sliding up and down.
  • Double-hung windows: A two-sash window where both sashes are operable, allowing you to open the window at the top or bottom.
  • Slider windows: Sliding windows are similar to double-hung windows with two operable sashes but are oriented to slide open on the right or left side.
  • Hopper windows: The hinges on the side or bottom of these windows allow them to open from the top into your home. Their size and design make them a secure and energy-efficient way to get sunlight and air into your home.
  • Casement windows: Highly efficient due to tighter potential seals; casement windows have a single operable window that opens like a door on side hinges.
  • Awning windows: Awning windows open outward via a hinge on the top, allowing airflow even while it’s raining.
  • Picture windows: Fixed windows designed for light and aesthetics can come in various shapes, including custom designs.

Window style infographic, showing operation of double-hung, casement, slider, awning, picture, and special-shape windows.

When choosing your window material, consider high-quality vinyl windows or fiberglass to ensure the best in energy efficiency, quality, and durability.

Why Choose Zen Windows Twin Cities?

Choose Zen Windows Twin Cities for a straightforward and hassle-free window replacement experience. Our process offers clear communication, ensuring transparency. We prioritize high-quality windows at affordable prices, making top-notch replacements accessible to everyone. Rest easy with our lifetime warranties, a testament to the durability of our products. We understand budgets vary, so we offer financing options for added flexibility.

At Zen Windows Twin Cities, we focus on simplicity, affordability, and lasting quality, making your window upgrade a seamless and cost-effective project.

If we sound like the kind of window replacement company you’re looking for in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, get a quote today. All you have to do is answer a few basic questions about your project, and we can provide an accurate quote. It’s that easy.

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