Window Replacement FAQs

Q: How Do You Provide An Accurate Window Quote Without Coming To My Home?

A: It actually takes window companies very little time to collect the info they need to provide you with a quote. Those typical two-hour in-home window quotes are usually filled with a bunch of sales pressure and pricing games. We cut out all of the sales fluff, so we are able to provide you with a quote within one business day via email.

Q: What Kind Of Windows Do You Install?

A: We have our own exclusive line of high-quality vinyl windows. We have found that high-quality vinyl is the perfect window material for states like Minnesota, as they provide beautiful looks and superior energy efficiency. For more info about our windows, visit our Windows page. And for a comparison among different popular window materials in the Twin Cities, click on our Window Comparison page.

Q: Who Will Be Installing My Windows?

A: Our window installers all have years of experience and true passion for the craft. They go into your project with a “Do It Once, Do It Right, So It’s Done Forever” attitude. Not only that, but our installers are just plain friendly people. They make your project experience pleasant and stress free.

Q: How Do Your Prices Compare To Other Twin Cities Window Companies?

A: By keeping our overhead low and buying factory direct, we are able to provide superior windows at a lower price than most of our competitors. To see how we do this while still providing incredible quality, visit our Lower Prices page.

Q: Do You Offer Financing On New Windows?

A: Yes. We offer great financing terms that make getting excellent windows budget-friendly. Visit our Financing page for more details.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Insert Installation And Full-Frame Installation?

A: Insert window installation leaves your current frame. Your old window sash is taken out and replaced with the new window. Full-frame installation removes the frame, trim, casing… the whole shebang. It’s basically starting from scratch.

Q: Is There A Price Difference Between Insert And Full-Frame Installation?

A: Yes. Because of the extra work and materials involved (new frame, trim, etc.), full-frame installation is about $400 to $500 more per window than insert installation. This price may be more or less, depending on the size of the window.

Q: How Do I Know Which Installation Method I Need?

A: Insert installation makes sense when your current frame is in good condition. Full-frame installation makes sense if your old window frame is damaged beyond repair or you want more viewing area and energy efficiency.

Q: What Is A Good Window Warranty?

A: At Zen Windows, we consider anything less than a lifetime warranty is unacceptable. But you have to be careful with lifetime window warranties, too—a lot of so-called “lifetime” warranties are filled with exclusions, loopholes, and poor coverage. To see what a TRUE lifetime window warranty looks like, click on our Lifetime Warranties page. Our warranties provide total protection—even on glass breakage!

Q: How Much Money Can Energy Efficient Windows Save Me?

A: Energy efficient window installation has one of the highest ROIs of any home improvement project in the Twin Cities. To get an idea of how much energy efficient windows can cut your utility costs, visit our Window Energy Efficiency page.

Q: What Areas Do You Service?

A: We provide window replacement for Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all of the surrounding areas.