Zen Master Series Fiberglass Windows

For Homeowners Who Crave Premium Performance,
Top-Notch Efficiency & HGTV-Level Looks…
At Realistic Prices

Question: If you’re a Twin Cities homeowner, is it possible to get absolutely everything you want from new replacement windows… with ZERO downside?

Because here’s the thing…

Window materials like wood and aluminum have their advantages. But they also have their own unique drawbacks.

Wood, while beautiful, requires a TON of upkeep and comes at a price that will drain your bank account dry. And aluminum, while extremely stable, is just a plain bad insulator (say “Hi!” to energy bills the size of the IDS Center).

In other words: These windows force you to compromise. To settle for benefits A, B, and C… while sacrificing X, Y, and Z.

When you’re investing the amount of money new windows require, the thought of not getting EXACTLY what you want can be a tough pill to swallow.

Introducing A Window That Doesn’t Know
The Meaning Of The Word “Compromise”

At Zen Windows, we’ve finally made it possible for Twin Cities homeowners like you to get every possible benefit from a window… with NONE of the disadvantages.

Our Zen Master Series Fiberglass Windows are for homeowners looking for a window that…

  • Oozes the style and sophistication of wood windows—WITHOUT the wood-related upkeep.
  • Possesses the rigid stability of aluminum windows—WITHOUT the poor thermal conduction that eats up your energy costs.
  • Packs the energy-saving power and bare-minimum maintenance of vinyl windows.

All at a LOWER price than fiberglass replacement windows from other Twin Cities window companies.

Bottom Line: You won’t find a window that marries strength, efficiency, and beauty—while eliminating every problem—like the Zen Master Series Fiberglass Window. It’s the first and only “have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too” window.

Zen Master Series Fiberglass Windows Score
A 10 Out Of 10 In Every Category You Care About

Upscale Looks

Zen Master Series Fiberglass Windows pack curb appeal that’s worthy of having its own HGTV show.

The interior of the Zen Master Series can come in a fiberglass or authentic wood finish for true sophistication. Every Zen Master Series window is custom cut based on your project’s measurements. That means no “stock” windows—you get windows that are completely, uniquely YOU.

The Zen Master Series comes in many beautiful colors and finishes. Choose from six exterior fiberglass finishes and seven interior finishes (both fiberglass and wood options available!). You can also choose to get grilles between the glass panes to add that final extra touch of “wow” factor to your new windows. Click here to view your color, finish, and style possibilities.

Bare-Minimum Maintenance

Zen Master Series Fiberglass Windows come with the posh and panache of wood windows… without the annoying wood-related upkeep. While wood windows need regular painting, sanding, and scraping to maintain their looks, the Zen Master Series is truly “set and forget,” maintenance-wise.

In terms of the amount of upkeep, our fiberglass windows are similar to vinyl. To maintain a gorgeous appearance, our fiberglass windows simply need the occasional cleaning with soap and water. And just like with vinyl, you won’t have to worry about issues like rotting and warping—fiberglass is the toughest window material on the market. It’s not even close!

Cutting-Edge Energy Efficiency

From the innovative fiberglass frame to the cutting-edge glass system, the Zen Master Series packs ALL of the latest advancements in window technology for peak performance.

Are you concerned that blasting your air conditioning all summer will balloon your energy bills? Don’t sweat it. The Zen Master Series has a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) that’s up to TWICE as effective as what Energy Star requires. In other words, our fiberglass windows block outdoor heat from entering your home, giving your air conditioning a much-needed rest during warm months.

Do you hate that your heating bills skyrocket during the ice-cold Minneapolis winters? With the Zen Master Series on your home, you get a U-Factor that seals in your home’s warmth and keeps that precious heat energy where it belongs—indoors.

How Zen Fiberglass Windows reduce your home’s energy use.

Simply put, Zen Master Series Fiberglass Windows are the windows you want having your back when Mother Nature doles out extreme temperatures.

And not only are our fiberglass windows energy efficient, but they are also a “green” material that’s environment friendly. They’re recyclable, and their best-in-class energy efficiency shrinks your own carbon footprint. Win-win.

Durability That Defines “Rugged”

Zen Master Series Fiberglass Windows are up to nine times stronger than vinyl. While vinyl windows typically last 30 years or more, the Zen Master Series lasts at least 40 years, easily.

Zen fiberglass also beats wood in durability tests. Wood can soak up moisture like a sponge, which can lead to swelling, warping, and rotting. The frame of the Zen Master Series is moisture-proof, so water damage is a non-issue.

What makes our fiberglass window so strong? It’s all in our manufacturing process. To create the window frame, special individual fibers are coated in a proprietary polymer resin. The fibers are then repeatedly pulled through an industrial-strength die in a process called pultrusion. The pultrusion process binds the fibers together into a cohesive whole. The end result is a window frame built like a Minnesota Vikings linebacker.

Lower Prices (Yes, Really!)

Our reputation for lower prices is well known. While our fiberglass window line requires about 60% more of an investment than our replacement vinyl windows, here’s the great part: Our vinyl windows are less expensive than other companies’.

This means our fiberglass window prices are actually on par with other companies’ prices for their best vinyl-window lines. You can get Zen Master Series Fiberglass Windows for roughly the same price as another company’s top-end vinyl window!

Plus: Pooches Love Them!

You can even color-coordinate the Zen Master Series with your dog:

Dog not included.

A Look At Your Color, Finish & Style Possibilities

(Contact us to discuss custom-stain options.)

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Interior Fiberglass Finishes



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