Slider Windows & Window Replacements in Minneapolis

Close-up of a woodgrain sliding window.When choosing window replacements for a Twin Cities home, slider windows are a great alternative to the more common double-hung windows. Sliding windows operate like double-hungs but open horizontally instead of up and down. They also span a wider dimension, creating a different look and bringing in more natural light.

Zen Windows Twin Cities is the only window company in Minneapolis that makes replacing windows the most easy-going project you’ve ever done. We install slider windows that leave your home more beautiful and energy-efficient.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Slider Window?

Slider windows offer improvement to the inside and outside of Minneapolis homes. This window style features a wider pane of glass than double-hung windows, letting in more natural light while adding character to the exterior of the home.

Other benefits include:

  • Safe and easy to use, particularly for those with limited mobility
  • Low-maintenance
  • Energy-efficient
  • Extra ventilation

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Casement vs. Slider Windows

Casement and slider windows are great alternatives to double-hung windows. They have a similar aesthetic with the ability to let in a lot of natural light and ventilation.

The main difference is that casement windows are hinged and open via a hand crank, whereas sliding windows glide back and forth on a track. Casement windows also have a different exterior look when they’re open, extending off the side of the house.

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Exterior view of Vinyl Sliding Windows

Replace Your Home’s Windows With Sliding Windows from Zen Windows Twin Cities

Zen Windows Twin Cities is changing the way people buy windows. You can replace your home’s windows with no pressure, no pricing games, and no sales pitches. When you replace old windows with sliding windows from Zen Windows, you’ll get:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions we receive about slider windows include:

Should I replace multiple windows at one time?

The short answer is yes (and we don’t mean that as a sales pitch). Replacing more windows eliminates repeated job-specific costs such as transportation and installation fees. It streamlines the overall process from beginning to end (which is easier on everyone!).

Are slider windows cheaper?

Slider windows are often an affordable choice for window installation and replacement. Slider windows offer a simple construction with minimal parts, making them more cost-effective.

How long do slider windows last?

Slider windows made with high-quality materials last between 15 and 30 years. The life span and durability of sliding windows also depend on the window frame material. Consulting a professional will help you choose the best materials to maximize your purchase.

What are the different sizes of sliding windows?

Sliding windows can be custom ordered to fit in specific spaces where a double-hung window might not work.