Common Questions Homeowners Have About Zen Windows Of The Twin Cities.

What You Need To Know About Our Window Replacement For Minneapolis, St. Paul & The Surrounding Areas.

Q: How Can We Give An Accurate Quote Without Coming To Your Home?

A: Really easily, actually. The truth is that it takes very little time for a window company to collect the necessary info about your home to give you a quote. The reason window companies do 2-hour in-home appointments is to pressure you into spending as much money as possible. It’s all fluff.

We, however, simply collect some information about your home and project over the phone or through our Get A Quote page. Then we provide you with an accurate quote via email within one business day. It’s that simple.

Q: Who Will Be Installing My Project?

A: We have a tight-knit crew of passionate, veteran installers. While window companies are notorious for hiring inexperienced day laborers to cut costs, all of installers have years of experience. And to ensure 100% quality, owner Steve Copsey oversees the project from start to finish.

Q: Why Do Window Quotes In The Twin Cities Vary So Much?

A: This depends on a lot of things. The quality of the product is one reason (though you should NEVER pay $1,400 for a white vinyl double hung window—click on our Lower Prices page to see why). Whether the contractor is overinflating prices to make extra money or underbidding to win the job is another reason.

When contractors quote high, it’s usually because they have high overhead they need to pay for. When they quote an extremely cheap price, they probably aren’t using the best materials and installers.

Q: How Do You Maintain Quality While Keeping Your Prices Lower?

A: We perform a number of smart cost-cutting measures to keep our overhead—and prices—low. This includes buying factory direct, eliminating the sales process, and keeping advertising to a minimum. For more info, visit our Lower Prices page.

Q: What Kind Of Warranties Do You Provide?

A: The best in the business. We provide a TRUE lifetime warranty on both materials and installation. You’re protected FOR FREE, FOR LIFE. Visit our Lifetime Warranties page for more details.

Q: Do You Offer Financing?

A: Yes, we provide you with flexible options that can fit into your monthly budget. Applying for our financing is easy. Click on our Excellent Financing page for more details.

If you have questions specifically about our windows and doors, visit our Window Q & A and Door Q & A pages.