Picture Windows for Twin Cities Homes

Picture window with grids in a sunny living room

Want to improve your home simply and effectively? Installing picture windows — windows that don’t open — in the right places can elevate your home’s beauty inside and out, offer lighting without energy waste, and transform existing windows. Shopping for windows can be stressful, so you’ll want to work with the Zen Windows Twin Cities team.

At Zen Windows Twin Cities, we work with high-quality products, install your windows perfectly to spec, and guide you through a process designed to be painless and straightforward from beginning to end.

You’ll get obligation-free quotes on your project, enjoy an easy-to-understand customization and design process, pay nothing upfront, and have your windows covered by a double warranty by working with Zen Windows.

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What Are the Benefits of Installing Picture Windows?

Picture window with grids on each sideIn concept, picture windows may not seem as interesting as operable windows, but they offer many benefits to your home when used properly.

They’re easier to maintain than operable windows, frequently last longer due to a lack of moving parts, offer little to no safety risk, and seal tighter for superior energy efficiency.

While you can’t get ventilation from a picture window, they work great to introduce additional light to a room, provide a view, or alter the aesthetics of existing windows by framing them with picture windows.

For example, using arched picture windows atop a traditional casement or double-hung window to create a tall arched window.

It’s also easier to get picture windows in any number of non-standard shapes. While an operable window that’s not a rectangle can be an expensive investment, custom picture windows are available to meet nearly any aesthetic preference.

Add Picture Windows To Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Picture windows are an excellent way to enhance curb appeal efficiently and effectively. By adding the right picture windows around entryways, the street-facing wall of your home, or as part of an ornate combination of windows like a bay, bow, or arched window, you can make your home the most interesting and stylish one on your street.

Even small inoperable windows add character to your home’s exterior and light to its interior, and they allow you to do so without compromising a room’s thermal properties or security, as you might with a large number of lower-cost operable windows.

Replace Your Home’s Windows With Picture Windows from Zen Windows Twin Cities

If you decide to install picture windows in your home, make Zen Windows Twin Cities your first choice for the project. Countless customers have been wowed by their experience with our company, from the quality of our windows to our customer-first approach to window replacement. Working with Zen Windows means:

Consider Replacing Multiple Windows at Once With Zen Windows

While you might be looking at replacement windows due to a single problem window or the desire for a specific improvement to your home, it’s often best to upgrade multiple windows at once. If one window has failed, it’s often because your windows are approaching the end of their service life.

It’s also easier to maintain a unified aesthetic and easier to scale up a project to replace multiple windows at once than to have multiple single-window projects over years. It’s also better for your home value. Our convenient financing options make it easy to make the best decisions for your home’s value, beauty, and comfort.

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