You May Think You’re Getting A Black-Friday-Level Bargain.

But Here’s Why Many Holiday Window SalesAre As Appealing As Expired Eggnog.

Uh-oh… we may need to put some Twin Cities replacement window companies on the Naughty List this Christmas.

When it comes to the holidays, the replacement window industry is just like any other. They want to capitalize on everyone’s magnified buying mood. So they advertise sales on their replacement windows in hopes of getting that extra holiday boost.

The problem is, you don’t always get the full story about these so-called sales.

We’ve already debunked popular window sales like Buy 1, Get 1 and sub-$400 windows. But with the holidays here, it’s worth taking another look at the most common replacement window sales to see if you’re truly saving money.

Let’s get started…

$189 Replacement Windows

Let’s be honest: Buying replacement windows in the Twin Cities isn’t exactly a small investment. So when homeowners see windows advertised for $189, they’re naturally jump at the opportunity.

The problem is, the $189 price is simply a get-a-foot-in-the-door tactic. To advertise a $189 price, companies neglect to factor in all of the components that make a quality window. They don’t include glass packages, design options, finishes, and so on.

It would be like Chevy advertising a $55,000 2019 Corvette for $8,000—but neglecting to mention it doesn’t come with an engine, wheels, transmission, seats, steering wheel, radio, and brakes. You find that out ONLY after you’ve sat down with a salesman—who then tries to pressure you into paying the full $55K.

Bottom line: Expect those $189 replacement windows to be four to six times more expensive than advertised.

A Certain Percentage Off

Since most Twin Cities replacement window companies don’t advertise their prices on their websites, they can pretty much charge whatever they want.

When you see a company advertise something like 30% off their replacement windows, your first question should be, “30% off what, exactly?”

Because, let’s face it—a company can say their windows are 30%, 50%, or 90% off. But that doesn’t mean anything, since you don’t know the actual price of the window in the first place!

Here’s how this sale typically works:

  1. The company inflates its prices for the sale. Example: They temporarily increase a $700 window’s price tag to $1,000.
  2. The company then advertises 30% off its windows. So that inflated $1,000 price goes back down to the original $700.
  3. The company shows you these “awesome savings” on their quote, so you THINK you’re getting a great deal. In reality, you’re not saving a penny.

That’s Ebenezer Scrooge-levels of greed!

“Buy One, Get One” Sales

We’ve covered this sale in a different post. Long story short, it’s similar to the percentage-off sale mentioned above. Since you don’t know what the window company is charging, they can inflate their prices until the cows come home. So there’s no way to know if you’re actually saving money.

How To Guarantee You Get The Best Price On Replacement Windows In The Twin Cities This Holiday Season…

We’re not saying every single replacement window sale this holiday is a scam. Some companies do run sales that will save you legitimate dollars on your window project.

The important thing to remember is to PROCEED WITH CAUTION when you see these types of sales. The internet is loaded with stories of unsuspecting homeowners who thought they were getting a deal, only to later find out that they didn’t save money at all (and in some cases, ended up paying more!).

Our advice when it comes to getting the best deal on replacement windows in the Twin Cities:

  • Thoroughly research any company you’re considering. Read their online reviews, call their references, check out their BBB rating… the more you know about the company, the better you can judge their character and intentions.
  • Get multiple quotes. That might be the last thing you’d expect a window company (i.e., us) to say. But how else are you supposed to know how different companies’ prices compare?
  • Request an Online Quote from Zen Windows. Of course we’re going to plug our own company—it’s our blog, after all! Unlike other window companies, we don’t require an in-home appointment to give you a quote. You take five minutes to provide us with some information, and we follow up with a firm and accurate quote on excellent replacement windows within one business day. We don’t do bait-and-switch sales or phony discounts. We simply provide reasonable prices on flat-out great windows. You can then feel free to proceed as you wish. That’s all there is to it.

Have a safe and happy holiday!