Why “Cheap” Replacement Windows Will End Up Costing You An Arm & A Leg In The Long Run.

It sounds strange, but many homeowners don’t spend ENOUGH on replacement windows in St. Paul.

I’ll explain. “Great value” and “cheapest price” are almost never the same thing in the replacement window industry. Replacement windows are, in the purest sense, a get-what-you-pay-for purchase. And if you spend too little, expect that to reflect in the quality of the windows.

It’s very tempting to spend sub-$400 on a window. After all, many windows have similar appearances, so it can be hard to tell the difference in quality just by looking at them. This is why a lot people (reasonably) choose to go with cheap windows.

But this is a BIG mistake.

Cheap windows (windows that cost $400 or less) are more likely to warp, bend, crack, peel, and let in air. On a scale of 1 to 10, their energy efficiency hits maybe a 2 or 3, tops. And the parts they’re made with tend to break down more quickly. So even though you pay less up front, you wind up paying MORE in repairs and premature replacement.

Here’s an example…

A few years ago, a window contractor I know quoted a homeowner an $8,985 estimate on 15 replacement windows ($599 per window, installed). He said the price was “too high,” so he went with a company that quoted him $5,000 (or $333.33 per window).

Fast-forward to today. This homeowner recently called the original window contractor, saying he hated everything about the replacement windows the other company installed. They were leaking air, causing higher energy bills, and breaking down. So the homeowner had the original contractor replace the windows for the $8,985 that was originally quoted.

This homeowner thought going “cheap” with the $5,000 quote years ago would save him money… but he ended up paying $13,985 in the long run! If he had just invested a little extra in better quality up front, he could have saved himself $5,000… and a lot of heartache.

The Bottom Line

We quote the price it takes to do your job right—period.

You can find cheaper quotes on replacement windows in the St. Paul. And you can find replacement window quotes that are much, much more. I’m a straight shooter, so I charge only what I think is a fair price on some of the best vinyl replacement windows you can get in the St. Paul. No pricing games. No hype. No sales pressure.

And to make your window investment easy, we provide excellent financing. With our financing programs, you can get a credit decision almost instantly. You don’t need an outrageously high credit score, either—our customers usually get approved with average to good credit. We offer flexible terms, convenient payment options, and no prepayment penalties. This allows you to get the window or door project you WANT… not one you have to settle for.

Request A Quote now to see just how easy our process is. We’ll provide you with a FIRM, DOWN-TO-THE-PENNY quote on replacement windows over the phoneand via email. No agonizing in-home appointment necessary!

I look forward to speaking with you.


Steve Copsey