You May Think You’re Getting A Great Deal. In Reality, You End Up Paying MORE!

If you’ve already started shopping around for new windows in Minneapolis, you’ve likely seen companies advertise some type of “buy 1 window, get 1 free” special. (A common variation of this is “buy 2 windows, get 1 free.”)

“Buy one, get one free”-type promotions (which I’ll refer to as BOGO throughout the rest of the article) are used in just about every industry. And it’s usually used to get people in the door, so they’ll buy more stuff and become long-term customers.

For example, grocery stores constantly run BOGO sales. The BOGO sale cuts into the company’s profits. But stores willingly take the hit because you will obviously buy other groceries once you’re inside the store. And if you liked the shopping experience, you’ll likely become a repeat customer.

Restaurants also have a variation of the BOGO sale. You might get a coupon in the mail for a free dessert with the purchase of an entrée. So you dine there. You enjoy the food. You sign up for the restaurant’s rewards program (which is another way the restaurant gets you to keep coming back). And you become a loyal patron. The profit the restaurant lost out on with the initial free dessert coupon is worth it because they have turned you into a regular customer.

The way replacement window companies do BOGOs is different. For all intents and purposes, BOGOs are one of the LAST promotions a window company would want to run. Ever.

Why? Windows last 20 to 40 years. Once you buy new windows from a company, you’ll almost certainly never buy from that company again. As such, the company really doesn’t have the opportunity to turn you into a repeat customer.

So… why do window companies offer BOGOs only to lose profits? They don’t.

In fact, they are actually making more money.

Here’s why…

To constantly run BOGO “sales” while still turning a profit, window companies inflate their prices. There’s just no way for a window company to give away free windows and stay in business. Period.

So these BOGO “sales” aren’t actually sales. What the company does is pump up the price of their windows and disguise them as a deal.  

I’ll show you with the following example:

  • Let’s say a company in Minneapolis is running a “buy 2, get 1 free” promotion on new vinyl windows. For every two new windows you buy at the manufacturer-suggested retail price of $1,200 (which, of course, is an inflated price), you’ll get another window for free.
  • You buy 12 new windows. With this promotion, you pay for eight windows at $1,200 each and get four for free. Four $1,200 windows for free seems like a great deal, right? After all, you are “saving” $4,800.
  • Not so fast. With this promotion, you pay $800 per window (the 8 windows you pay for × $1,200 per window ÷ 12 total windows). This is actually a pretty bad “bargain.” You should NEVER pay more than $600 for a new vinyl replacement window, even at the best quality.
  • The outcome? The window company pockets a ton of profit while making you believe you received a great deal.

We Give You One Price: The Best Price.

At Zen Windows Twin Cities, we don’t play phony-discount games; we provide you with a fair and honest price UP FRONT. No manufacturer markup. No fake “buy 1, get 1 free” promotions. Period.

So if you’re looking for new windows in Minneapolis—without the dog-and-pony show and bogus sales—take a few minutes to get an online quote. You can also visit our Better Process page for more details on how we make your experience easy and pleasant from start to finish.


Steve Copsey