The windows in your home are your key to seeing the outside world. They let light in to brighten up every room and can also make some smaller rooms look larger. Life just wouldn’t be the same without windows. This is exactly why you can’t settle for just any window. 

So, whether you are replacing the windows throughout your home, remodeling and adding new windows, or are working with brand new construction, you have to make some decisions about the windows you want. And vinyl windows are currently the most popular choice around the world. 


What are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows are a high-quality option that looks fantastic from both the inside and the outside. But it is not only looks that make these windows such a go-to option for many shoppers.  

Vinyl windows are manufactured using plastic material like PVC. They’ve been around since the 1960s and 70s when they first made their appearance as a more affordable option to the common wooden window. 

These windows have taken over a huge percentage of the market share and don’t show any sign of slowing down, likely due to all the benefits they bring with them. It is worth mentioning that there are different levels of quality when it comes to vinyl windows — and low-quality vinyl windows will not offer the same benefits that will be found with versions of higher-quality. 


Benefits of Vinyl Windows

High-quality vinyl windows look great, are easy to maintain, and offer exceptional value. They may be made with plastic, but they don’t look like they are. Plus, the glass area is perfect enough to keep you from feeling like your view is obstructed – which is crucial if you’ve got a nice view!  These aren’t the only perks though.  

Decreased Energy Costs

Your windows play a huge role in your energy bill each month. The more your heater or air conditioner runs, the greater your energy costs. But if your windows are designed to hold heat in during the winter and keep it out during the summer – as vinyl windows are – then your cooling and heating systems won’t feel as if they have to work overtime. And you will have extra money in your pocket. 

Low Maintenance 

Vinyl windows only need to be cared for using water and soap – that’s it. There is no painting or staining, or scraping involved. And the fact that they are scratch resistance means you will always have a clear view looking out. 

Plus, these windows are resistant to things like rot, infestation, and moisture damage which further emphasizes how low maintenance they are. 


The materials to create vinyl windows are some of the least expensive – which means that these windows are an affordable option. But you cannot assume that because the cost of the materials is cheap that the windows are of less quality. That’s simply not true. 


Vinyl windows will fit your design style. Whether it is a particular color, size, or style you are looking for, you will find it with high-quality vinyl windows. If you have a window that is an unusual shape or design, these windows can be customized to give you the perfect fit. 


How Long Vinyl Windows Last

Finally, one last perk is that vinyl windows are durable. They can withstand different types of weather and outdoor conditions without appearing worn down. Their resistance to the outside elements means that they can last for years and still look beautiful. 

So, how long do vinyl windows last? Well, high quality vinyl windows should last you well over 20 years. And some even come with a lifetime warranty. 

With all these advantages and longevity, high-quality vinyl windows are a must-have for homeowners. 


Zen Windows for Your High-Quality Vinyl Windows

If you are ready to take advantage of all that vinyl windows have to offer, you need to know where to find them. Zen Windows Twin Cities provides you with an affordable selection of high-quality windows in a variety of sizes and colors. You are sure to find just what you are looking for. 

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