Are you considering window replacement? Whether your current windows are showing signs of wear or you’d like to upgrade your windows to save energy, there are many different types available. Between wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass, what’s the best window material

Each window material has its own pros and cons. One of the biggest factors in choosing windows is how long they last. Vinyl windows are one of the most popular types because they are durable, attractive, and affordable. But how long do  windows last? Here’s what you can expect. 


Vinyl Windows Last Between 20 and 40 Years

If you have vinyl windows or decide to have them installed, you can expect them to last anywhere from 20 to 40 years. Why such a wide range? Because there are many factors that affect how long vinyl windows last. Not every homeowner will get the same number of years out of their vinyl windows for a variety of reasons. 


Factors Affecting the Life Expectancy of Windows

There are a number of factors that play a role in how long your windows will last, including: 

  • Weather. One element that takes its toll on windows is the weather. In an area with harsher weather and greater temperature fluctuations, wood windows may not last as long. But in milder weather regions they may last longer, potentially even longer than the typical life expectancy. 
  • Sunlight. Windows that are in direct sunlight may not last as long as those that get more shade. The hot sun beating down on your  window frames will cause them to deteriorate faster. They are also more susceptible to fading when the sun is shining directly on them for the majority of the time. 
  • Humidity. In areas with high humidity, the moisture in the air will eventually take its toll on wood windows. Moisture can collect so much that there is actual water damage to the window frames. It is also more common for mildew and mold to grow in the cracks and crevices around the windows, causing potential damage and discoloration. 
  • Quality. Not all  windows are created equal. Some  windows are high quality and others are lower quality. The best way to know is to compare pricing between different window companies. If you opt for the cheapest  windows, they may only last until the shorter end of the range. But if you purchase higher quality  windows, you may get 40 years or longer out of them. 
  • Maintenance. Windows that are well maintained will last longer than windows that are neglected. Regular cleaning of the glass and frame and lubrication of the hardware will help them last longer and open and close smoothly. Always clean windows with a mild soap. Avoid cleaners that are abrasive or that contain citrus that could damage the glass or vinyl. 


How To Know if You Need Window Replacement

Are you wondering if your windows need to be replaced? Whether you have wood windows or another type of material, here are some signs that you need to replace your windows.

  • Drafts. Do you feel a draft near your windows in the winter? Or is it uncomfortably warm near your windows in the summer? This is a sign that air is getting through and your windows are not well sealed. They may need to be  replaced altogether. 
  • Leaks. If water leaks in around your windows when it rains, that’s a sign they need to be replaced. You may be able to have them resealed to last a while longer, but replacement is in the near future. 
  • High heating and cooling costs. If your heating and cooling costs are going up, you may need to replace your windows. 
  • Your windows are old. If your windows are older than the typical life expectancy for their type, you should consider replacing them. 
  • You hear outside noise. Are you hearing a lot of noise from outside? This is another sign of a lack of insulation that could mean your windows need to be replaced. 
  • Damage. If there is any obvious damage to your windows, such as fading, peeling, warping, or other issues, you need window replacement. 


Get New Window Installation From Zen Windows Twin Cities

If your windows are showing any of the above signs, Zen Windows Twin Cities can replace them with quality windows. We provide installation of wood,  vinyl, and fiberglass windows at a more affordable price than other replacement window companies. Our materials and installation are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

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