Are you considering new windows for your home? Whether you’re replacing your old windows or choosing an option for a newly constructed home, two of the most popular options on the market today are vinyl and fiberglass. Of course the windows themselves are primarily glass, but the frames can be made of a variety of materials. Vinyl and fiberglass are top choices for various reasons, but each have distinct pros and cons that can influence a homeowner’s decision. 

The best way to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type is to look at them by categories that are important to homeowners. 

Cost of Vinyl Windows & Fiberglass Windows

Let’s start with one of the most important factors affecting homeowners’ choice of windows: what is the cost comparison between vinyl windows vs. fiberglass windows?

On average, fiberglass windows cost somewhere between 10%-30% more than vinyl. Some of the cost difference comes from materials, and some of it is the cost of installation. Fiberglass windows cost more to install because they must be very precisely measured in order to achieve an exact fit. 

Energy Efficiency

If cost plays a big part in your decision, then energy efficiency should also. Energy efficiency directly translates into money savings, as you will save money on heating and cooling costs with more efficient windows. 

Fiberglass windows are more energy efficient than vinyl windows because they do not expand and contract with changing temperatures. As a result they insulate better, where vinyl windows are prone to gaps that leak air due to their constant fluctuation. 

Life Expectancy

Another category that is related to cost is the life expectancy of these two types of windows. The longer the windows last, the longer it will be before you need to pay to have your windows replaced again. 

Vinyl windows can last up to 30 years, but fiberglass can last for 50. Fiberglass is more durable than vinyl because the material holds up better under extreme temperature fluctuations. In addition to the glass windows, fiberglass window frames are reinforced with glass, making them stronger. 


If you take pride in the appearance of your home, you may be willing to pay more to get the look you want. 

Do you like the look of wood windows? Fiberglass mimics the look of classic wood windows without the disadvantages of wood. However, it does share some of the same maintenance concerns as wood, such as the need for periodic repainting. Fiberglass also allows more window glass to be visible. Vinyl windows contain their color within the material (similar to vinyl siding) which means it requires no maintenance in regards to appearance. Vinyl offers a more simplistic look, which some homeowners prefer. 

Noise Reduction

Insulation quality also translates to noise reduction. If you live in a busy subdivision or on a city street you may find that noise insulation is an important factor in your window decision.

Fiberglass is the better insulator from cold and heat, which comes as no surprise that it is also the better noise insulator. Vinyl, because of its tendency to shift and create gaps, also lets more outside noise in. 

Return on Investment

If you’re looking for the best option in regards to resale value of your home, the jury is still out on this one. Research shows that vinyl windows have a 74% return on investment, which is considered good in terms of home improvements. Fiberglass windows are too new to have any definitive research on the return on investment. Because they cost more to begin with, they are not as likely to recoup as much of the value in home resale. 

Get Fiberglass Windows for Less From Zen Windows

When it comes to vinyl windows vs. fiberglass windows, it seems fiberglass has almost every advantage over vinyl with the exception of cost. But the cost difference is a non-issue when you get windows from Zen Windows. We offer fiberglass window installation for a comparable cost of vinyl windows from other window companies. You get better quality windows for less. 

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