All Window Materials Have Their Advantages.But Vinyl Packs The Most Benefits For The Value.

Having a hard time choosing whether to go with wood, fiberglass, or vinyl replacement windows in St. Paul?

That’s okay. Deciding on the right window material is a challenge. It’s not like you buy—or even think about—windows all that often. So when the time comes for new windows, you’re probably at a loss as to which material will be best for your home.

I’d like to take a second and make the case for vinyl replacement windows. Full disclosure: Zen Windows sells vinyl replacement windows. But the reason for that is simple—in my decades of experience in the industry, I’ve learned that vinyl windows are hands-down the best choice for the majority of St. Paul-area homeowners.

In fact, vinyl is far and away the most popular material for windows in this day and age…even beating out wood. This is because vinyl provides a number of benefits—energy efficiency, low maintenance, great looks—at a great value.

Here are a few reasons St. Paul homeowners choose vinyl replacement windows…

Bare-Minimum Maintenance

Vinyl is lower maintenance than both fiberglass and wood. Fiberglass and wood windows have to be painted and scraped consistently to maintain their looks. Vinyl, however, has the color baked into the material. In other words—you don’t have to paint it! The baked-in color also makes vinyl MUCH more resistant to fading.

Unlike wood, vinyl won’t rot or get water damaged. This means vinyl windows are more durable and tend to last much longer than their wood counterparts. And since vinyl is recyclable, it’s a green material that reduces unnecessary waste.

Energy Efficiency

If you want to reduce your energy bills, vinyl windows are your best option. Today’s vinyl windows are loaded with energy efficient features that cut energy costs and help keep your home a more comfortable temperature.

Both vinyl and fiberglass have the leg up on wood in this category. Vinyl and fiberglass are often neck-and-neck in terms of efficiency. Yet, most energy-conscious homeowners go with vinyl because of the next item on this list…


There’s no question that wood windows can look amazing. But today’s vinyl replacement windows can also look stunning on your home.

Vinyl replacement windows come in many rich colors and have a large variety of style options from which to choose. Some vinyl replacement windows even accurately replicate the look of wood! Vinyl replacement windows can add tremendous curb appeal to your home—without the heavy maintenance of wood.


Vinyl replacement windows cost less than their wood and fiberglass alternatives. Fiberglass windows of similar quality cost about 15% to 30% more, while wood windows can be more than DOUBLE the cost.

Vinyl windows have such an attractive price point because they are more cost-efficient to make. Manufacturers can create an amazing vinyl replacement window at a much lower cost than even an average wood window. And since quality vinyl windows last decades with almost zero upkeep, you get TRUE value for your money.

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Steve Copsey