Some Window Companies Are Better Than Others.

This List Will Help You Separate The Good, The Bad… And The Ugly. 

Let’s be honest—finding the best Minneapolis replacement window company for your project can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

At night.

While blindfolded.

The truth is that window companies all sort of blend together at a certain point during your research process. After a while, every company looks the same (lots of beautiful pictures of windows on their websites) and sounds the same (“The highest quality materials and installation!”).

But don’t be fooled. Even if it feels like you’re the star in Attack Of The Window Company Clones, window companies are NOT all created equal.

All Minneapolis replacement window companies—even the bad ones—make promises and say all the right things to try to get your business. That’s why you have to dig deeper with your research to see if the window company “walks the talk.”

Fortunately, finding this out is easy—you just have to know what to look for. To help you find the best Minneapolis replacement window company for your project, we’ve created a checklist of the qualities every great window company MUST have.

If the window company you’re considering ticks all the boxes on the following list, you’re all but guaranteed a superb window project.

Let’s get started…

✓ Great Online Reviews…And Lots Of Them

Online reviews are one of the most reliable ways to see if a window company is truly as great as they say.

Think about it. Someone who leaves a customer review has had a significant enough experience (good or bad) to go on the World Wide Web and tell strangers about it. It’s pure feedback about the company straight from a third party—you can’t get a much clearer picture of the company than that.

You naturally want to gravitate toward window companies with great online reviews across all the major websites (Google, Facebook, Houzz, etc.). But you also want to be aware of the NUMBER of online reviews a Minneapolis replacement window company has. While a company with few or no online reviews can still be high quality, they’re an unknown quantity. You may get a great window project… or not.

✓ No-Pressure Quotes

Paul McCartney once said that “you can judge a man’s character by the way he treats his fellow animals.”

For our purposes, we’ll amend that to “you can judge a window company’s character by the way they treat their potential customers.”

Simply put, how a company treats you during the quote reveals how they’ll handle your overall project. If the company is high-pressure, they’re probably more concerned with profits than great results. But if the company truly wants to help you find the right windows for the best price, they’re likely a keeper.

You might be wondering how you’re supposed to know if a company is high-pressure BEFORE you get a quote from them. It’s pretty simple—just look at the company’s online reviews (see above). There’s nothing homeowner hate more than sales pressure. So if a company is using arm-twisting sales techniques, you’ll probably read about it in their reviews.

There are other times where you won’t know a company’s stance on sales pressure until you’re in the thick of a sales appointment. If you feel uncomfortable or strong-armed during the meeting, kick the company to the curb. They aren’t worth the hassle.

Of course, you CAN find the occasional window company that provides online quotes (wink, wink). If a Minneapolis replacement window company says they can give you a quote online or over the phone, make sure it’s FIRM and ACCURATE. Many window companies give the impression that they MUST inspect your home and project area before they can provide an accurate quote. But that’s just not true. We’d know—we provide firm and accurate replacement window quotes online and over the phone every single day.

✓ Awesome Warranties

A company’s window warranties—and how those warranties are worded—says a lot about how much they respect their customers. Warranties filled with a bunch of legal jargon and fine print are a good indicator that a window company is more concerned with covering their own butt than providing you with comprehensive protection.

And just because a warranty is labeled “lifetime” doesn’t mean it’s for life. Some companies prorate their coverage, meaning the amount of problems covered decreases over time. Other lifetime warranties may not cover things like trip charges or issues like broken glass.

When getting a quote from a Minneapolis replacement window company, ask them to go over their warranty with you. Make them explain what the warranty includes and ask if it’s prorated. When reviewing the warranty, keep an eye on whether it’s written in plain, easy-to-understand English or hard-to-understand legalese.

✓ Involved Ownership

It’s an excellent sign for your window project if the company owner is personally invested from start to finish. Examples of this include being involved in your quote, overseeing the project, and making themselves readily available if you have a question or concern.

All of this demonstrates that the owner truly cares about his customers and quality of work. And an owner who cares, is an owner who will do whatever it takes to satisfy customers.

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