Other Windows Companies Think Warranting Broken Glass Will Cost Them Big Bucks. But Here’s Why It Benefits Both Company & Customer.

Nowadays, most warranties on replacement windows in the St. Paul area last a minimum of 25 years. A few rare warranties even cover installation AND materials for life. (Like ours.)

But There Is One Thing That Window Contractors NEVER, EVER Warranty: Glass Breakage.

Why? For one, “above and beyond service” went extinct a long time ago. Companies don’t want to take responsibility for a problem they didn’t cause. The only thing today’s replacement window companies care about is above and beyond profits.

Which leads us to the second reason companies don’t cover broken glass: they believe it will cost them a fortune. For some strange reason, they think broken window glass is an epidemic. That their customers go around all day breaking the glass in their windows.

There are a few misconceptions here. The truth is that broken window glass is just NOT all that common. We’d know—we offer a glass-breakage warranty, and you can count the number of broken-glass service calls we get each year on one hand. What’s more, repairing broken glass in a window is inexpensive for a window company. In fact, it IS cheap when compared to other warranty issues.

To prove it, here is a summary of what happens when we fix broken glass in a window:

  • It costs us roughly $200 total for the glass and the labor.
  • Since we receive only a handful of these types of service calls per year, we spend maybe $1,000 a year on broken glass repair. That’s pennies.
  • The customers whose glass we do repair are ecstatic that we not only fix a problem we didn’t cause, but that we also do it for free.

It’s really that simple—and cheap.

Plus, it’s win-win. We make our customers happy; you get peace of mind when your kid throws a baseball through your living room window.

So honestly, we’d be crazy NOT to offer a warranty on broken glass. A broken-glass warranty benefits us AND you. (More importantly, it benefits YOU.)

For more details about what our warranties cover (sneak peak: they cover EVERYTHING), visit our Lifetime Warranties page. And if you’d like a quick and accurate quote on the best replacement windows in St. Paul, Request An Online Quote now.

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Steve Copsey