Why It’s In Your Best Interest To Upgrade To Double Pane Replacement Windows If You’re In The Twin Cities.

“Are double pane replacement windows really any better than single pane windows?”

I get this question quite often from Twin Cities homeowners. And my answer is always the same:


Single pane windows are outdated. Obsolete. Old-fashioned. And really, really inefficient.

Multi-pane windows are today’s gold standard. They cut energy costs. They’re much stronger. They reduce outdoor noise pollution. They are better than single pane windows in literally every conceivable category.

If you still have single pane windows on your Twin Cities home, here are a few reasons to upgrade to double pane ASAP.

Slash Your Energy Bills (And Lower Your Carbon Footprint)

Excellent energy efficiency is one of the biggest benefits of double pane windows. Energy Star, which is the country’s primary energy program, states that Twin Cities homeowners can save up to $352 PER YEAR on energy bills when they upgrade from single pane to double pane windows.

Not only do you save money with double pane replacement windows, but you also A) keep your home a more comfortable temperature and B) lower your carbon footprint. Since you’re not constantly cranking up your thermostat, you’re doing a service for the environment. (Mother Nature will thank you.)

What makes double pane replacement windows so energy efficient? Let’s take a look:

  1. Low-e glass. Well-made double pane replacement windows in the Twin Cities come with low-emissivity (low-e) glass coating.This decreases the amount of UV and infrared light passing through the glass. What’s great about this is that it does so WITHOUT reducing the visible light from the window.
  2. Gas between the panes. Two glass panes lets window companies inject special insulating gas between them. These gases are usually Argon or Krypton, which are odorless, colorless, and non-toxic. Since the gases are denser than air, they block outside temperatures from entering your home.
  3. Spacers. A spacer holds the panes of glass together. Superior double pane replacement windows have special spacers that are airtight, resist condensation, and prevent heat from leaving your home through your windows.
  4. Two is better than one. At the end of the day, two panes are just plain better than one. When you have two panes of glass, you boost a window’s energy efficiency properties substantially.

A Stronger Window

Double pane replacement windows are tougher to break than single pane windows. Why? Well, once again, two panes are just plain better than one—an added layer of strength lies in the gas between the panes. If something hits a double pane window, the gas acts as a shock absorber.

The frame of a double pane window is also much stouter than the frame of a single pane window. Since the frame has to hold two panes of glass, it is thicker and typically made with stronger materials. This means double pane windows often last much longer than their single pane counterparts.

Reduce Outside Noise

Hearing your neighbor’s dog constantly bark or blaring car stereos can be annoying. Double pane windows help reduce unwanted outdoor noise and allow for a more peaceful (and quiet!) home.

Many of the same elements that make a double pane window energy efficient contribute to its noise-reduction properties. These include multiple panes of glass, gas between the panes, and a sturdy frame.

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Steve Copsey