Full-frame window replacements allow you to increase your R-value through several insulating features. They’re the only solution to a rotted or warped frame and are often required if you’re installing an entirely different window design.

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Insert vs. Full-Frame Window Replacement

A full-frame window replacement includes a new sash, covers, frame, and operating hardware. An extensive replacement may even include your siding. In contrast, an insert replacement involves the installation of a window insert into your existing frame. Only your sash, covers, and hardware will be removed.

Modern windows can achieve a record-setting level of thermal resistance, so replacements are usually upgrades. They allow you to choose the best frame material that fits your budget and gain the benefits of double or triple glazing.

Full-Frame Window Replacement Cost

Inserts are fast and affordable, so it’s no surprise they’re the most popular option among homeowners. Still, the costs aren’t as straightforward as you might think.

Full-frame window replacements can improve your insulation, saving you money in the long term. They take a little more time to install but will reward you with absolute design freedom. You can achieve the look you’ve always wanted and give your architecture the finishing touch it needs.

When Is a Full-Frame Window Replacement Needed?

Inserts are only possible if your frame is still structurally sound. You’ll need a full-frame window replacement if:

  • Your existing frames are cracked or rotting. Wood rot requires a particularly aggressive approach because, as a fungal problem, it can spread to your other fixtures.
  • You’re changing your windows’ size, shape, or design.
  • Your frame is warped or has swelled out of shape. This makes a flush installation impossible, so your insulation will suffer without a full-frame window replacement.
  • You want to change the placement of your windows.

Benefits of a Full-Frame Window Replacement

  • Four casement windows in a row in a white frame with a view of a green yard.Energy-efficient: An energy-efficient window has several insulating features, most of which are incorporated into the replacement process. Your window will be thoroughly sealed and fitted with special flashing, which creates a strong barrier against noise, moisture, and heat loss. Achieving the proper fit in an existing frame is nearly impossible, so a full-frame replacement usually comes with a corresponding improvement in your R-value.
  • Compatible with custom window sizes: Inserts are generally offered in a few pre-selected sizes, so they’re wholly inadequate for custom-built frames. A full-frame window replacement delivers a solution to structural concerns.
  • Increase curb appeal: A replacement also comes with visual benefits, helping you achieve your home design vision. Replacement windows increase curb appeal and raise your home’s resale value.
  • Cost-efficient: While the upfront price might appear higher, it’s often far more economical when you add up the lifetime costs across your window’s life span. You’ll recoup your investment through reduced utility bills and a higher property value.

Hassle-Free Window Replacement Quotes

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