If you are in the market for replacement doors in St. Paul, then you need to know what is hot this year. With this in mind, your new door will stand out on your block in an attractive way. Whether material, color or function, here is where the buzz is.

Strength Of Steel, Appearance Of Wood

A steel door is a powerful addition to your entryway, but not many homes can pull off the look of metal. Luckily, the hot trend is metal doors that look like wood. With deeply etched wood texture and a color of your choosing, your door can look like wood but won’t rot or warp.

Unique Color Options

Everyone has seen that standout red door somewhere in their neighborhood. Color is still king when it comes to entryways, but there are more options available today. Instead of sticking with red or blue, try yellow, lime or turquoise. These still pair well with neutral home colors, like tan, brown and white. If you’re also looking for new windows, coordinate your window frames with your new, bold door.

Safety And Energy Efficiency

Two things that never go out of style are safety and energy efficiency. Replacement doors in St. Paul made of stronger material can keep your home safe. There are also advancements in door frames and locks to add security. These same materials play a role in making your door more energy efficient.

Choosing your next door is easier when you know what’s in style. Steel is a great material right now and can look like wood with the right texturing. Whatever material you choose, there are many colors available to make your entryway unique. When you call Zen Windows for your next replacement doors in St. Paul, we’ll help you find the option that looks good, is secure and is energy efficient. You can reach our office at 763.286.6871.