Here’s The Lowdown On Sliding Patio Door Style, Advantages, Uses, And Functions.

Sliding patio doors are an excellent choice for many Twin Cities homes. New sliding patio doors add tremendous curb appeal, increase the value of your home, operate easily, and provide excellent value for the investment.

But are sliding patio doors right for YOUR specific home and situation? Let’s dive into some different aspects of sliding glass patio doors to find out…


Sliding glass patio doors are a great way to add style to your patio or backyard. Their aesthetic provides a distinct look that many Twin Cities homeowners love. Today’s quality sliding glass patio doors have a slimmer, more elegant look than the sliding patio doors of yesteryear (no more “boxy” appearance!).

You can also select from a multitude of decorative and glass options to give your sliding doors that perfect accent. Some sliding patio doors can even come with blinds BETWEEN the glass. Instead of installing big, bulky, clunky blinds, you simply control the between-the-glass blinds with the touch of a button. It’s easy, convenient, and prolongs the life of the blinds.

Bottom line: Today’s sliding patio doors look great while incorporating easier functionality.

Operation & Uses

Sliding patio doors have two paneled sections. One section remains fixed, while the other slides along a track using a roller system. Since sliding patio doors open horizontally, they require less space than swinging patio doors. As such, sliding patio doors are more practical than swinging patio doors for many Twin Cities homeowners.

Besides easy operation, a primary function of sliding patio doors is to provide excellent ventilation and expansive outdoor views. Since sliding patio doors are mostly made of glass, you get an unparalleled visibility of your backyard.

Bottom Line: Sliding patio doors are space savers that provide smooth operation and incredible outdoor views and ventilation.

Energy Efficiency

Modern sliding glass patio doors provide excellent energy efficiency. Quality sliding patio doors come with a number of energy options, including triple-pane glass, gas between the panes, UV-resistant protection, and insulated frames. As a result, you cut down on your energy consumption and utility bills.

Bottom Line: If you want to cut your energy costs and help keep your home a comfortable temperature year-round, sliding patio doors are an excellent option.


The amount of maintenance a sliding glass patio door requires depends on the frame material you choose. Vinyl requires the least maintenance, which is one of the reasons it’s by far the most popular material for sliding glass patio doors in the Twin Cities. Wood, while beautiful, requires consistent painting, sanding, and scraping to maintain its looks.


As with maintenance, the price of sliding glass patio doors in the Twin Cities depends on the material you choose. Wood is typically far and away the most expensive. Fiberglass doesn’t cost as much as wood, but it can still set you back a pretty penny.

As a result, most Twin Cities homeowners choose vinyl sliding patio doors. Vinyl is the most cost-effective of the three materials… WHILE looking great, performing flawlessly, and requiring the least amount of maintenance. In other words—when it comes to sliding glass patio doors, vinyl will almost always provide the best value for your money.

Bottom Line: How much you invest in sliding patio doors will depend on the material you choose. Twin Cities homeowners mostly opt for vinyl because of its value, performance, efficiency, and appearance.

Need Sliding Patio Doors? Consider Zen Windows…

At Zen Windows, we install beautiful, high-performance, lifetime-warrantied sliding patio doors in the Twin Cities.

Here are a few features of our patio doors:

  • Beautiful grid options and stunning decorative glass options, including leaded and etched glass designs.
  • Three standard colors and 16 PVC exterior color bond options.
  • A wide variety of energy-efficiency options, including triple-pane glass, triple-fin weatherstripping, and comfort insulation foam in the frame.
  • Four interior wood grains (Light Oak, Medium Oak, Cherry, and Brazilian Cherry).
  • Eight different designer handles, including Nickel, Brass, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.
  • Ultra-stout security features that protect your home.

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