When it is time to replace your front door there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. One of those questions is, “What color will your new door be?” Since the front door is what your guests will notice first when visiting you, this question is an important one to answer. Here is a look at how the color of your front door replacement in Twin Cities could be viewed.

Neutral And Wood Tones

For a long time, doors were made of polished wood. Even though most doors are made of other materials, there are still many doors that look like wood. For most styles, this creates an old fashioned or classic feel that evokes a feeling of nostalgia. However, you can also mix the look of wood with different modern elements to create something unique.

Pale And Muted Colors

Whether wood textured or flat, you can choose from pale colors such as cream, sky blue or pale sunlight. A pale door on a pale home can blend into your facade and promote a peaceful atmosphere. Alternately, a pale door on a dark home is like that light at the end of the tunnel welcoming all your friends and family into your home.

Bold And Dark Colors

Deep red and blue were once the standard way to make your door stand out, but other colors have become popular as well. A vibrant orange color looks good on a neutral home front or if you already have a lot of color, a navy blue door looks neutral dark from a distance and really shines when you get closer.

Choosing the right color for your from door replacement in Twin Cities takes thought and planning. Your choices are numerous, from pale to dark and neutral to bright. If you want help choosing your door, contact Zen Windows at 763-286-6871.