When looking for new windows in St. Paul, there are several styles available that you will need to choose from. Understanding the purpose and usefulness of each style can help you select the one that is best for you.

Single and double hung windows are the most common styles used in houses. These are practical choices and feature either one or two sashes that allow the window to be opened by lifting or lowering the sashes. A slider window is similar to these two styles, but instead of lifting the sash up and down, it slides side to side. The advantage of this style is that you have a clearer view out the window when it is open.

If you are looking for a more unique style of window, you might consider an awning or casement window. These two styles both open outward, the difference being that an awning window has hinges on top and a casement window has hinges on the sides. If this is what you choose for your new windows in St. Paul, you are choosing one of the best windows on the market for keeping your house warm in the winter.

There are also specialty windows available. Bay, garden and picture windows are all styles with very specific purposes. A bay window creates a three-dimensional effect to bring more light and space into your home. A garden window extends to the exterior of the home with a glass roof creating a greenhouse effect within your home. The picture style is most commonly used for windows that are out of reach as this style does not open or close.

These window styles can add beauty and elegance as well as practicality to your home. When selecting new windows in St. Paul, you cannot go wrong with any of these selections. You simply have to choose which would be the most appropriate for your needs.