Casement window replacement in the Twin Cities is on the rise. If you are thinking about replacing your windows, here are seven reasons why you, too, should consider them.

1. Energy Efficiency

Casement windows are the most energy-efficient type of operable window. When closed, an airtight seal is formed between the sash and frame. No air leakage means no drafts and lower energy bills.

2. High Security

It is virtually impossible to break into casement windows because their locking mechanisms are inside their frames.

3. Durability

Because of their sturdy frames and simple construction, casement windows are highly durable and require minimum maintenance.

4. Variety of Designs

Twin Cities Zen Windows provides you with many options for casement window colors and grid pattern styles. See our Styles & Options page. Also be aware that casement windows can be installed either as single windows or as part of a bay or bow window.

5. Good Ventilation

Casement windows crank fully outward thanks to their side hinges. That means more airflow and even an emergency exit if necessary.

6. Easy to Open and Close

Because of their attractive cranks and latches, casement windows are very easy to open and close. Some models have single-lever latches while others have tandem latches, but an automatic opener can be installed on most windows if you desire.

7. Easy to Clean

Casement windows can be installed in any room and are particularly popular in kitchens above sinks or countertops since they are so easy to clean. They pivot on their hinges when you open them, giving you plenty of room to reach through to clean the outsides.

Have Questions?

See our windows Q&A page for answers to the questions that homeowners most frequently ask about replacement windows. Then give us a call if you have specific additional questions about casement window replacement in the Twin Cities.