The Best Basement Windows For Your Home

Replacement basement windows in Twin Cities are available in many sizes and styles. The best option for you depends on the type of basement you have in your home. While the choices may seem overwhelming, there are three primary kinds on the market. Each is listed below with a brief description of the functionality and design.

1. Casement Windows

These windows are ideal for an aboveground basement. They are also commonly used in bathrooms. The dimension is one in which the height is greater than the width. It is distinguished by the fact the whole window opens outward. Privacy features are typical for these models.

2. Hopper Windows

If you are seeking a basic design, the hopper window is a go-to choice. It is comprised of a glass encased by a solid frame. When it is opened, it tilts outward or inward as a whole unit just the casement. It has privacy such as glass blocks or frosted glass. With these features in place, people passing by cannot see inside your residence. Unlike its counterpart, the width of the Hopper windows exceeds the height.

3. Slider Windows

A slider window is an excellent choice for daylight basements. You can enjoy the full benefits of having direct access to your backyard. With sliders, the strength of the frame is critical when shopping for replacements. The stronger the frame the less likely it is to stick if your home settles. Even though the engineering ratings for sliders are essentially the same, focus on buying windows with strongest frame possible. Also, if you are basement windows are facing the street the most popular option for homeowners is a small slider.

The most suitable replacement basement windows in Twin Cities offer privacy, security and a simple design. Contact a professional contractor for estimates and learn more about what windows will work best for your basement.