Front doors on homes serve several purposes. For instance, they allow in sunlight, keep out the weather, and welcome guests. They are also the backdrop for holiday wreaths, the first line of home defense, and contribute significantly to overall curb appeal. Here are three suggestions for selecting the perfect entryway replacement door in St. Paul to add charm to your home and reflect your lifestyle.

1. Complement the Architecture

Your front door should be an extension of your home’s and the neighborhood’s architecture. While a bold door is a unique choice, it should balance the siding, roof, and other materials of the house. An appropriate door style, such as rustic, traditional, or contemporary is an ideal statement piece. Current trends for replacement doors in St. Paul include brightly colored options, such as yellow, cobalt, and red.

2. Find the Ideal Fit

Eliminate options that are not the right fit. Otherwise, the door frame will require modifications, which is costly and complicated. Using the original measurements does not restrict your choices to identical door styles. For instance, doors with glass panels on either side may replace traditional double doors without the need for significant modifications to the opening.

3. Consider Weather Exposure

The exposure of your front door to the elements is a primary consideration. Accordingly, if the entryway is uncovered, then make sure to consider more robust and longer-lasting materials such as steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. The texture and stain of fiberglass doors create the appearance of wood and require minimal maintenance, making them best for severe climates. Conversely, wood doors are unsuitable for extreme weather conditions.

If your front door is well past its prime, it may be time to consider your options for replacement doors in St. Paul. There are a variety of alternatives for withstanding the elements, complementing your home, and broadening your choice of styles.