Replacing windows and doors may not be what people usually imagine when they dream of home remodeling, but few home renovation projects offer such a good return on investment and make such a dramatic statement. You may be surprised at the many benefits you can get from adding new windows and doors in the Twin Cities.

Adding Value & Appeal

First, there is almost nothing more important to the face of your home than your front door and windows. In many cases it is the first impression people get of your home. Changing old and dated doors and windows for fresh ones makes for an undoubtedly drastic change. The increased curb appeal is one of the reasons that new windows and doors on a home create such a high return on investment.

Saving Money & Energy

Another important reason to replace aging windows is their ability to save you money. Most windows made before the latter part of the previous century contain single-pane glass. New windows are made with double-pane glass which makes them very energy efficient. This kind of efficiency can help reduce heating and cooling bills, and it can also help reduce unwanted noise from outside.

Perhaps no single element is as important to your homes appearance as the front door, but you may not realize that it is also important for helping you save money on energy bills every month as well. New doors are made with high quality materials that create a superb barrier against extreme weather and noise.

It is satisfying to see the exterior of your home transformed with new windows and doors, but it also makes good economic sense since it can save you money and add to your homes value. You may have been considering replacing your outdated and inefficient windows and doors in the Twin Cities but were wondering where to find a full service company and extensive line of options. Zen Windows carries replacement windows and exterior and patio doors that come with a lifetime warranty.