Basements are often seen as damp, dark and cold, not warm and inviting. If the windows in your basement are old, damaged or leaking they may be contributing to this condition. You do not need a total renovation to make your basement as comfortable as the rest of your house. Consider replacement basement windows in the Twin Cities to keep out mold-causing moisture and energy-sucking drafts.

Because the basement is on the ground level, it is more susceptible to water damage than the rest of your home. As snow melts and rain falls that moisture can build up along windows. If you have worn seals or warped glass, that water can get into your home. Overtime, this can lead to mold growth that can impact the health of your family. By upgrading your windows you can be certain you have a tight seal that will keep your basement dry and prevent mold.

New windows would not just keep water out; they can help keep warm or cool air in. During winter and summer months, many homes loose energy because of drafty frames. Replacement basement windows in the Twin Cities can make your home more energy efficient. As a result, you can save money on your energy bills throughout the year and ensure your basement is as comfortable as the rest of your house.

If you are investing in new windows for your basement, you will want to ensure that they are installed professionally to maximize their benefits. The highest quality windows will still leak if they are not properly fitted and squared to the space. Choose a company with a strong reputation that provides warranties for their work.

Updating your basement does not have to entail a large construction project. With one simple upgrade your basement can be a cozier space that you can use with your family. Replacement basement windows in the Twin Cities that are professionally installed will let you make the most of your home.