As a homeowner, you probably know that patio doors are some of the most inefficient doors in your entire home. Glass is a very poor insulating material, and patio doors are mainly glass. So it would seem that replacement doors in Minneapolis wouldn’t focus much on patio doors, given their natural tendency to let in cold air through their transparent surface. Luckily, you don’t have to forego the benefits of patio doors just because Minnesota winters are especially harsh. Modern patio doors use new technology that is designed to improve the energy efficiency of doors and make them better insulated to keep the heat right where it belongs during the winter: inside your home.

The first thing you want to consider when looking at replacement doors in Minneapolis is whether or not the doors are double or triple-paned. This is called insulated glazing. Multiple layers of glass add extra layers of insulation. A single-pane patio door is not going to give you the best energy efficiency available on the market today, and with frigid winters in the forecast, you’re likely to end up spending a lot more on your utility bill. Patio doors that are double or triple-paned are better equipped to keep your home warm.

Between the panels of glass in insulated glazing, there is a gas-filled space. Patio doors can be filled with argon gas to reduce heat transfer. Not only does this help keep heat in your home during the winter, but the heat transfer principle goes both ways. During the summer, this type of insulation helps keep your home cooler by preventing the heat from coming inside through the glass.

Just because you live in Minnesota doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty and luminosity of patio doors. If the patio doors you currently have don’t include the more modern features that help insulate the glass and prevent heat transfer, look for a contractor who sells replacement doors in Minneapolis. A replacement door expert can help you determine what type of patio door will work best in your home.