Here Is Why It’s Important To Speak To Customer References BEFORE You Hire A Window And Door Company In The Twin Cities

When it comes to references, Twin Cities’ window and door companies tend to fall into one of three categories:

  1. Companies with no customer references
  2. Companies with few customer references
  3. Companies with an ample amount of customer references

We’ve labeled these three categories as follows:

➢     Red Light: “Stop! This company has ZERO customer references.”

➢     Yellow Light: “This company has a few references, but you may not get the full picture. Proceed with caution.”

➢     Green Light: “This company has plenty of references, so you can proceed with confidence.”

Let’s break down these three categories of Twin Cities window and door companies in more detail.

(Note: A Twin Cities window and door company with little to no references does NOT automatically mean they provide poor quality. But references go a LONG way in determining whether a company’s customers are happy with them.)

Red Light: Companies With No References (Stop!)

A lot of window and door companies don’t have references. This may be because they are too inexperienced, not keeping their customers happy, or just don’t care that much about keeping track of customer satisfaction.

If a company does not have references, it doesn’t necessarilymean they are bad—it simply means you should be extremelywary when considering them for your project.

Yellow Light: Companies With Few References (Caution!)

Other companies will give you one or two references. While this is better than none at all, just one or two references won’t always give you the “big picture” of the company.

Hiring a Twin Cities window and door company with few references could work out just fine… or it may not. That’s why it is best to proceed with caution when considering the companies in this category.

Green Light: Companies With Plenty Of References (Proceed!)

Lastly, a few companies will happily provide you with as many references as you want. They care about feedback and want to know if they are keeping their customers satisfied.

Zen Windows Twin Cities is this type of window and door company.We believe it’s important for you to talk to as many customers as you need to feel comfortable.

Feel Awkward Calling Our Past Customers? Don’t.

Sure, contacting strangers might feel a little uncomfortable. But the customers on our reference list have happily agreed to talk to our potential future customers. After all, they were once looking for a window or door project like you are now, and they know how hard it is to find the right window and door company.

Here are some questions you can ask our references:

  • What is your overall satisfaction with the results produced by Zen Windows Twin Cities?
  • Were there any issues, and if so, how were they handled?
  • Were they available and responsive when you needed them?
  • Did you ever feel pressured by Zen Windows Twin Cities?
  • If you did it over again, would you still choose Zen Windows Twin Cities?

To get a copy of our customer reference list, contact us now. Our references know you want unfiltered and honest feedback about our company. And that is exactly what they’ll provide you.

Talk to you soon,

Steve Copsey