Single Hung & Double Hung Are Two Of The Most Popular Windows.

But Is One Better Than The Other? Let’s Find Out…

When it comes time for new windows, many Minneapolis homeowners struggle to decide between single hung and double hung. Both are very popular, and both operate with the same vertical-moving sashes. But there are distinct differences between the two.

Homeowners typically know that double hung windows open from the top and bottom sashes, while single hung windows open only from the bottom sash. But there are other differences to consider — ones you probably haven’t thought about when deciding on the right window for your home.

So let’s look at single hung and double hung windows in a little more detail…

Maintenance & Cleaning

Double hung windows have a distinct advantage over single hung windows when it comes to cleaning. Both sashes of a double hung window tilt inward. This allows you to clean the outside glass from inside your home — a great feature if you have double hung windows installed on floors that are above ground level. Since single hung windows have only one movable sash, they cannot be tilted inward and cleaned from indoors.

If you’re a Do-It-Yourself-er, you’ll also find double hung windows come with certain advantages. If the top sash on a double hung window gets broken, it can be easily replaced because it is not fixed in place. The same can’t be said of single hung windows and their fixed top sashes. In this case of a broken top sash on a single hung window, hiring a professional glazier to replace the sash is necessary to ensure the job goes well. Glaziers in the area typically run $60 to $80 per hour.

Security & Safety

The movable sashes of both single hung and double hung windows have locking mechanisms. Modern double hung windows also contain an additional safety feature on the inside of the top sash.When the tab of this locking mechanism is pushed in, the bottom sash can move. When it is not pushed in, the sash is secured in place.

Double hung windows can also be safer than single hung if you have small children. Since the top sash of a double hung can move, you can have it open while having the bottom sash closed and locked. This provides parents with extra peace of mind.

Air Flow & Energy Efficiency

Naturally, a new double hung window provides Minneapolis homeowners with superior ventilation. With its two movable sashes, double hung windows offer much better airflow than single hung windows.

In terms of energy efficiency, single hung and double hung windows are nearly identical. With today’s technological advancements (multiple glass panes, weather stripping, gas between the panes, etc.), quality windows can help reduce your energy bills and keep your home a more comfortable temperature.

What really makes the difference is the installation. A great Minneapolis window company will ensure your new single or double hung windows are installed tight and straight to prevent air leakage.

The best way to know if a window company will provide superior installation is to look at their reputation. Is the company satisfying its customers? Does the company have plenty of great reviews? And what is their workmanship warranty? These are key questions to ask when choosing a company to install your new windows.


Since double hung windows come with more features and benefits, they cost about 10% to 20% more than single hung windows. But with easier cleaning, better ventilation, and enhanced security, the slightly higher up-front investment is worth it for many homeowners.

Think of it this way. Imagine that you’re buying a new car. You’ve picked out a Chevy Malibu. Would you go with the “bare-bones” L model that doesn’t even come with floor mats? Or would you invest a meager 14% more for the LT model with touch-screen, rear-vision camera, heated side mirrors, Sirius XM Radio, and a dozen other beneficial features that the L model lacks?

If you want the best value and hands-down biggest “bang for the buck,” the LT model is a no-brainer.

It’s the same with single and double hung windows. Homeowners universally consider that extra 10% to 20% up-front investment to be more than worth it. After all, replacing your windows is a lot like buying a new car — you do it VERY rarely. Why not make sure you get the best deal for your hard-earned dollars? Especially since today’s financing options make getting quality windows easier to afford than ever.

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