You can’t think of the Twin Cities without thinking of the diversity of the attractions and the surrounding landscape. When you think about the many museums and sports complexes, there’s an ultra-modern feel, but the Mill City Museum will take you back in history to a time when things were much simpler. When the fire destroyed the original mill, they built the new mill next to the old mill. That mixture of modern and simple is such a delight. If you love the vintage feel of the past, but you also like the feel of modern, with its sleek, shiny clean lines, you will want to give your home that same unique mix of modern and simple. A perfect way to achieve this mix of elements is with windows that have modern, clean lines but are available in the pure colors and styles of the past. Window replacement companies in Twin Cities are the perfect place to start if you want to take your home back in time, while still moving to the future.

A Bygone Era

Long ago, life along the Mississippi River was a much slower paced easy way of life. Farms dotted the surrounding countryside. Farmers brought wheat to the mill and had it ground into flour. Life was so much simpler back then, as we all know. If you long for a simpler life or you would like to give your home that vintage farmhouse style that is so popular today, windows are where you can start.

Wooden Windows

Farmhouses of the past were so inviting. The farm and farmhouse represented the family. Holidays were a celebration on the farm. Harvest time was celebrated each year with a party and dance. Building a home in the past meant neighbors worked together to create a home for each other. Farmhouses of the past were constructed from wood, as were their windows. They used wood because it was so readily available. Today you will not want to use wood because wood can rot and pests such as termites can be a problem.

No Worries

If you want to recreate that unique natural look of a farmhouse window without worrying about your windows rotting away, choose high-quality vinyl windows from Zen Windows Twin Cities. When you select a high-quality vinyl window, you will get the look of a farmhouse window with the durability and long-lasting features of a modern vinyl window. Rain doesn’t affect vinyl like it does wood, so your windows won’t rot, swell or shrink.


When you talk about the weather in the Twin cities with someone, there is a common phrase that you hear, ” if you don’t like the weather today, wait until tomorrow; you might like it then” Our weather ranges from blustery cold winters to intensely hot summers. You need a modern farmhouse that is comfortable year round, no matter what the weather.

Styles And Colors

Windows that are durable can also be beautiful. When choosing a window that is both modern and farmhouse simple, you will want to select the types and styles found in a farmhouse in the past. The options and colors available at Zen Windows Twin Cities will make choosing your windows an easy task. You can create a sleek, simple modern farmhouse look by selecting a single hung window. Choose the right colors for the interior – perhaps a soft white  – and for the exterior – perhaps a neutral shade to match your siding. When you add a prairie grid to complete the look, you have achieved both modern and farmhouse styles.

You don’t have to go back in time to live a simpler lifestyle today. You might long for a home reminiscent of farmhouses along the Mississippi River of times past. You can take yourself back to that bygone era every day when you come home. At Zen Windows Twin Cities, we install beautiful, durable, long lasting, vinyl windows that are available in colors and styles that will suit your needs for your modern farmhouse. We have installed windows in many different styles of homes. We’d love to hear your ideas, and we want to help with your home improvements. Our window designers will help you choose styles and colors of windows that will be perfect for your modern farmhouse home. So give us a call today at (763) 286-6871 to get started.