So much can be done concerning design, with the addition of sliding glass doors for your Twin Cities home. Sliding glass doors are no longer the basic, sliding patio doors that we think of from the fifties and sixties, leading out to cheap, pink lawn furniture on the back patio. With their ability to add natural lighting, open up a space, and create the best views, sliding glass doors are now a major design element when houses are being built or remodeled. Stepping into the 21st century of design, sliding glass doors are all the rage.

A – Awnings Are A Nice Compliment

There are many ways to use sliding glass doors, and they are fitting for many types of spaces, but one hang-up people have is what other windows to pair them with. You don’t want your windows competing with your doors. Being so bold, sliding glass doors can often outweigh the other windows, making a space feel off-balance. So what windows pair the best? Awnings! Creating a wall of sliding glass doors and placing a row of awning windows at the top of the opposite wall is the perfect, complementing design. With the awnings floating at the top of the opposite wall opening out, this can give lift to the anchoring sliding doors creating a surprising balance. This combo works exceptionally well for in-ground houses!

B – Bigger Is Better For Small Spaces

A lot of people might not guess that sliding glass doors are a smart choice for smaller spaces. Small space, small windows, right? Wrong. In fact, using small windows can make a room feel closed-in and even cramped. Using one wall to open things up to the outside will enlarge the footprint, brighten the entire space, and give the room new breathability. Combining two or more sets of doors on the same wall or in a corner pushes past the boundaries of the limited amount of space and creates endless possibilities for expansion.

C – Clean Lines And A Contemporary Touch

Modern design calls for ideas that are outside the box. More and more people are looking to branch out from the basic farmhouse style and move in a “rustic meets refined” direction. Using sliding glass doors, particularly with smooth black frames, will add the sophistication that a contemporary look requires while maintaining the charm and character of existing design elements. Going with the classic white farmhouse look and the contrasting black sliding glass doors creates clean lines that draw the eye in the desired direction without obstructing the view. It’s the best of both worlds.

Quality sliding glass doors are a great touch to any space. At Zen Windows Twin Cities, we offer two stunning patio door lines (Lotus and Nirvana). Both of which look amazing and perform at the peak of energy efficiency, which can sometimes be a concern with other company’s sliding glass doors. Our patio doors come in double- or triple-paned argon-infused glass, giving you protection in both the summer and the harsh Minnesota winter. At Zen Windows, we take pride in our products knowing that they will save you money on your energy bills and make your house the talk of the neighborhood. To learn more about our amazing doors, check out our website or call us now at (763) 286-6871 to see what adding sliding glass doors can do for your home. We look forward to hearing from you!