Do you have new fiberglass windows? Or maybe you’ve moved into a home with fiberglass windows and you have no experience with cleaning these types of windows. There are some specifics to cleaning fiberglass windows properly in order to avoid damaging them in the process, but overall it is very easy.  

The concept of fiberglass windows may be deceiving, but they are still made of glass. Only the window frame and material that encases the glass within each sash is fiberglass. It is one of the toughest window materials available. Fiberglass will not rot, warp, or fade over time. It only requires minimal maintenance in the form of an occasional cleaning. 

Here are some tips on how to clean fiberglass windows


How To Access Your Windows For Cleaning

Most newer windows are designed to tip inward for easier cleaning. There’s no need to climb a ladder from the outside when you can clean your windows from inside your home. Double hung windows have two sliding sashes that can be released from the top and tipped inside. Single hung windows have a stationary upper sash and a sliding lower sash. The lower sash can tip inward for cleaning, also allowing you to reach through the window to clean the outside of the stationary upper sash. 

Sliding sashes typically have buttons or tabs that slide toward the middle of the window that release the top side of it. Carefully tip it inward to clean both sides, then snap it back into place in the window frame when you’re done. 


What Type of Cleaning Products Should You Use?

The biggest question about how to clean fiberglass windows is typically what cleaning products are safe to use. Just basic soap and water will usually do the trick and won’t damage the fiberglass. Most window cleaners like Windex and similar products are safe to use without causing damage to the glass or the fiberglass framing

Avoid using abrasive cleaners that could scratch the glass. Be sure to use a soft cloth to wipe the glass. Paper towels can cause scratches and leave paper fibers behind. 

If you want to try a certain type of cleaner without risking damage, test it first on a small part of your fiberglass windows, perhaps in the back of your house where it will be less noticeable if there was an issue. If the cleaner causes discoloration or damage to the fiberglass, don’t use it. But if you have any concerns about your cleaner possibly being too harsh, don’t try it in the first place. 


Should You Pressure Wash Your Fiberglass Windows?

Pressure washing homes with siding and other facades is a typical practice for homeowners. But pressure washing your windows could cause damage. If the water pressure is too forceful it can actually shatter the glass. Pressure washing can also cause water to get into small cracks around your windows that can seep into your home and into the space between your siding and the walls. A common mistake when pressure washing is accidentally spraying the screens over your windows which can cut right through them. With so much that can go wrong, it is best to avoid pressure washing your windows altogether. 


Fiberglass Windows For Less From Zen Windows 

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