Your home’s front door is not just a product that protects and insulates. As one of the first things your guests will see, it contributes to your home’s curb appeal and makes a statement about your aesthetics. The right one can even result in high resell values when it’s time to put your house on the real estate market. Return on investment estimates vary from 90 to 130 percent of your door’s initial cost. When shopping for your replacement doors in St. Paul, it helps to follow a few key pointers to find models that deliver the safety, security, energy efficiency and looks you need.

Choosing The Right Materials

You might immediately consider a door’s looks when evaluating it for your house, but it’s wiser to decide on the material you want first. While wood is a more traditional choice, homeowners are now opting for steel or fiberglass models. Both versions offer longevity and durability, usually lasting more than 100 years with proper care and installation. Moreover, homeowners also get a core collection of key benefits such as strength, security, weather resistance and insulation from steel and fiberglass replacement doors in St. Paul.

The Anatomy Of A Great Door

How do steel or fiberglass doors deliver these advantages? Modern technology and advances in the industry have given birth to design upgrades that make them more secure, eco-smart and sturdier than before:

  • Polyurethane cores, which are five times more energy efficient than wood
  • Steel-lock reinforcement plates for added security
  • Innovations such as AquaGuard that shield against water penetration and damage

Proper Installation Is Half The Equation

Of course, an exterior door is more than just its structure and materials. Correct installation is critical to ensuring your door performs and lasts for its entire projected lifespan. For superior-grade replacement doors in St. Paul, count on the experts at Zen Windows Twin Cities. Get a free five-minute quote by calling us at (763) 286-6871.