Picture Windows Are An Excellent Investment, No Matter The Season.

But Here’s Why Installing Them In The Fall Can Provide You With The Most Benefits.

If you’re considering picture windows in the Twin Cities, you’ve picked what’s probably the best time to get them. While picture windows are a fantastic addition to any home during ANY season, installing them in the fall will provide you with benefits specific to the season.

Let’s take a look at 3 reasons fall is the optimal time to get picture windows in the Twin Cities…

  1. Picture Windows Offer The Best Views Of Autumn

Picture windows provide some of the best outdoor views of any window. And, let’s face it, the beautiful sights during the fall time in the Twin Cities, is something no one should miss.

The huge glass viewing area and slim, elegant frame of a picture window offers incredible visibility. The view transports you into the outdoors—right from the inside of your home. See the sun set on the bursting reds, oranges, and yellows of fall leaves. Get a front-row seat to see wildlife casually stroll through your backyard. Watch your children play in the crisp autumn afternoon.

Picture windows do more than provide amazing, crystal-clear views—they let you soak up and savor the small-yet-beautiful moments in life.

  1. Picture Windows Provide The Best Energy Efficiency

Picture windows don’t have the ability to open or close. They are sealed shut, which is a big benefit when the monthly utility bill comes in the mail. Picture windows offer the best energy efficiency of just about any window style. This is why fall is a fantastic time to install picture windows in the Twin Cities. By getting picture windows now, you prepare your home for the frigid Minneapolis winter right around the corner.

What’s more, fall produces some of the best temperatures for window replacement. It’s not boiling hot like the summer season, and it’s not teeth-chattering chilly like the winter season. Fall’s mild temperatures keep your home a more comfortable temperature during the actual installation. (You know, when there’s a huge, gaping hole in the side of your house.)

Note: Minneapolis homeowners want windows with a U-Factor of 0.30 or less (the lower the number, the better). Read our guide to window energy efficiency in the Twin Cities for all you need to know about different energy factors for windows.

  1. Picture Windows Come In A Ton Of Shapes, Sizes, And Styles

Many types of windows are limited in shape customization because of how they operate.  Double hung windows have to be rectangular, so the sashes can move. Casement windows also have a similar rectangular shape, so they can open from the side.

Picture windows, however, don’t have size or shape restrictions because they don’t open or have operating parts. As a result, picture windows come in a variety of shapes—round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, trapezoid, half-circle… the only real limit is your imagination. The picture window’s lack of operation also means it can come in any size. Big. Small. And everywhere in between.

Twin Cities homeowners sometimes opt for picture windows to accent other windows. Picture windows can be placed above other windows for drama and flair. They can be used to create a gorgeous bay window. Or they can be installed all by themselves. Just like with shape and size, the ways in which you can use a picture window are extremely versatile.

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