Are you wondering how to add value to your home? There are many different types of home improvements that are said to offer the biggest return on investment. From kitchen renovation to landscaping, there are some home improvements that offer more in terms of resale value. 

Do new windows add value to a home? Absolutely. Exterior improvements are known to give you the most bang for your buck, and window replacement falls into that category. New windows add curb appeal, which is always good for home value. 

How do you add as much value as possible to your home with window replacement? 

Choose Window Material Wisely

Not all replacement windows are the same. Different materials have different qualities and different pros and cons. If you want to add the most value for your money, consider materials carefully. 

Window material refers to the part of the window that holds the glass in place. Glass itself is pretty standard, but the material around the glass is what makes all the difference in aesthetics, durability, and insulation. 

Window Material Comparison

Most windows are made of one of the following materials: 


The old tried and true, wood windows have a certain classic look that many people prefer, especially for historic homes. The problem with wood is that it lacks durability and requires a lot of maintenance. Wood windows have to be repeatedly painted, scraped, and repainted to maintain their beauty. They also easily warp with moisture and temperature changes and are susceptible to insect damage. If you want to know how to add value to your home, it is not by replacing your existing windows with wood windows. 


Composite windows are a sort of wood/vinyl hybrid. The interior is wood with a vinyl coating to help preserve it. However, it is important to note that underneath the vinyl is not solid wood, but compounded wood particles. Composite is solid and durable, but it is also expensive. The difference in price between composite and wood windows is similar to the price difference between wood planks and composite planks like you would use to build a deck. Why pay so much for vinyl covered wood when vinyl windows are cheaper and offer the same look? 


Basically the same material as your vinyl siding or vinyl floors, these windows are one of the most popular choices for homeowners who want a good price. However, vinyl windows come in a wide range of prices and quality. Low quality vinyl has a cheap, plastic look which is not good for curb appeal. Low quality vinyl also provides low quality insulation, so it won’t do you any favors in the energy department either. High quality vinyl, on the other hand, helps your home be more energy efficient. Quality vinyl looks professional, covers less of the glass, and is very durable. Look for a lifetime warranty to ensure you are getting good quality windows. 


This may not be the most affordable option, but there’s no question about the quality. Fiberglass windows are the top of line as far as windows are concerned, in terms of aesthetics and energy efficiency. But that high quality comes with a price tag. If you’re thinking of adding fiberglass windows to your home to increase the value, you’ll get the best value for your money when you get them from Zen Windows. Because of our competitive pricing, we offer fiberglass windows for about the same price as vinyl windows from other companies. 

Get the Most Value with Zen Windows 

New windows not only add curb appeal to your home, but the right kind can increase your home’s energy efficiency, saving you money right away. New windows also entice potential buyers when or if you sell your home. Zen Windows can save you money on new window installation so that your investment is worth even more. 

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