Your home’s entry door is one of the first things that visitors see when they enter your home. What kind of first impression does your entry door make? Replacement doors in Twin Cities come in an impressive array of colors, styles and materials. They hold their resale value well and can be very energy efficient. Here are some decorating considerations for choosing a new entry door for your home.

The type of door you choose is what makes the biggest overall statement in your home’s appearance. Steel doors are incredibly energy efficient and can be finished to look just like authentic woodgrain. Embossing techniques make the finish look real, even close up. These doors have a solid polyurethane core that is actually five times as energy efficient as traditional wood doors. They can also be coated with waterproofing technology to protect from water infiltration.

The appearance of replacement doors in Twin Cities is reflected in their finishes and hardware. You can choose between painted finishes or stains. This will largely depend on what coordinates best with the rest of your home and its finish, whether that’s vinyl siding, brick, stone or wood, and the color of the material. Hardware comes with its own set of variations. Not only will you need to consider the shape and design of the door handle and other details, such as a door knocker, if you choose them, but the finish as well.

Another popular feature in entry doors is decorative glass. This also plays a role in terms of the overall energy efficiency of the door and the luminosity. A glass panel lets in more light, but can also preserve privacy. Decorative touches include beveled glass, which can frame the pane with an elegant shape or design, as well as metal details or colored glass additions.

When you go shopping for replacement doors in Twin Cities, take into consideration the different options available to you in terms of design. Small details, from decorative glass to elegant hardware, can make a stunning difference in your entry door’s appearance.