Bay Window Ideas For Your Home

Are you considering a bay window for your home? Whether you want to add one to your existing home or you’re thinking of including one in your custom home design, a bay window is a beautiful way to bring natural light in to brighten up your living space. 

 Bay windows are versatile, providing many different ways to use the additional space they create in your home. If you’re wondering whether a bay window is worth adding and how you might use it, consider these bay window ideas. 


The Best Seat in the House

A bay window with a window seat is one of the most common configurations. A bay window seat is a great place to read with all the natural light available. You can just sit and watch the world go by while you relax in the peaceful quiet of your home. Soak up the warmth of the sun through your bay window even when it’s not so warm outside. Include a comfortable cushion and some throw pillows and your bay window will be the best seat in the house. 


Store Up Your Treasures 

Who doesn’t need more storage space? Build cabinets into the bay window underneath a shelf or window seat. You can use it to store books, games, extra throw pillows, blankets, toys, craft supplies, and anything else that tends to clutter up the room. When storage is convenient, things can be neatly put away much more easily and the room will tend to stay tidier. 


It’s Where Pets Want To Be

If you include a bay window, it will instantly be the favorite spot in the house for the cat, the dog, and any other furry friends you may have. Cats love to bask in the warm sunlight and will quickly make it their favorite napping place. Dogs love to watch people go by and keep a lookout for the mailman or delivery driver. Don’t even try to keep them off the window seat, you’ll be fighting a losing battle. 


Dinner With a View

A bay window makes great seating for your dinner/breakfast/lunch table. Use the window seat like a bench and put chairs on the other side and you’ve got a comfortable place to enjoy meals with natural light and view of the outside. If your property has natural beauty, such as a view of the beach, mountains, a lake, or even trees, a bay window dining area is a must have. 


Inspirational Office Space 

If you need a home office, whether you work from home full time or part time, a bay window makes a great office nook. Natural light and outside views provide an inspiring workspace, whatever line of work you’re in. Creative juices flow more freely when you’ve got a beautiful space to work in. 


Room to Grow 

Do you have houseplants or an indoor herb garden? A bay window creates a great place for plants that need a lot of direct sunlight. Houseplants are natural filtration systems that freshen the air in your home. Plants take in carbon dioxide and create oxygen for clean, breathable air. Now your houseplants will have ample sunlight to thrive.  


Reading Nook/Library

Your bay window seat can make an excellent reading nook and home library. Build shelves into the underside of your window seat for your favorite books. Shelving can also be built into the side panels of the nook with a window in just the front panel. Install a light overhead for extra illumination when needed. 


Zen Windows Offers Many Bay Window Design Options

Now that you have plenty of bay window ideas, you’ll need a reliable company for window installation. Zen Windows Twin Cities provides affordable bay window installation. Tell us your ideas and we will discuss the various options for how and where to add the beauty of one or more bay windows to your home. 

Call (763) 286-6871 today or request a quote. We look forward to transforming your home with the natural light, extra space, and style that a bay window offers.