If you are thinking about putting new windows in your Twin Cities home, slider windows, also called glider windows, are a popular option that will add greatly to your outdoor viewing pleasure. The Journal of the American Institute of Architects reports that the trend across America is to combine open interiors with spacious exteriors. Slider windows do exactly that, especially if you already have sliding patio doors. In fact, think of a slider window as a patio door on your wall.

Advantages of Slider Windows

The biggest advantage of slider windows is that they give you an almost unobstructed view because they have less frame and more glass the most glass of any operable window. This is perfect for views of gardens and special landscapes. Some sliders have one fixed side and one side that slides horizontally over it; with others, both sides slide. The top-to-bottom ventilation is great either way.

Sliders have practical advantages, too. They are the perfect solution in places where a casement or awning window would interfere with a walkway, porch, patio or deck. Sliders likewise work well in tight spaces where you might have to struggle to raise and lower a window. In addition, many people find sliders easier and quicker to operate than crank-style windows. In single-window rooms sliders provide the most light and the greatest air circulation.

Sliders require little maintenance since they have fewer parts than other types of windows. This also makes them very durable; the window glazing on most sliders adds to their durability and improves insulation and energy efficiency. In addition, sliders satisfy bedroom egress requirements.

Consider Your Homes Style and Wall Heights

Sliders are most compatible with contemporary or modern homes. They also work well in any room with shorter walls that call for shorter wider windows.

Have Additional Questions?

See our windows Q&A page for answers to the questions that homeowners most frequently ask about replacement windows. Then request a quote from us to install glider windows in your Twin Cities home.