Your front door welcomes your family and friends before you do. If the paint is chipped or the door is cracked, old and shabby looking, that is a less than ideal first impression. Every home deserves a beautiful entryway. A new front door is a breath of fresh air that could make you and all your guests just a little happier each time you cross the threshold. If it has been a while since you shopped for replacement doors in St. Paul, you will be pleasantly surprised at the many choices available.

Seek Strength, Beauty and Security

Your front door needs to withstand the elements, keep your family safe from intruders and provide a warm welcome to visitors. Today, most doors are made from more than one material. Wood, steel and fiberglass are all commonly used. For decades wood has been the popular choice. But wood requires maintenance to prevent cracking and warping, and wood also provides less insulation than some other materials. Steel doors made with a solid polyurethane core are more energy efficient. Steel doors can also be embossed with a design that mimics the appearance of wood. Both steel and wood replacement doors in St. Paul can be stained and painted a variety of colors and fitted with transoms or windows to provide an additional source of light. Etched or beveled glass panes add a decorative touch.

Find a Reputable Installer

If you have fallen in love with a door, be sure you identify a competent, professional to complete the installation. Hanging a new front door can be tricky. If the floor is not level or a wall is out of plumb, you will need an installer who has encountered these issues before and can recommend a cost effective solution. Companies like Zen Windows hire experienced craftsmen who can help ensure that replacement doors in St. Paul meet customers expectations.