Energy Efficient Windows Benefit Minneapolis Homeowners In Many Ways.

Here Is Why You Should Install Energy Efficient Windows On Your Home… Sooner Rather Than Later.

Of all the home improvement projects, few are as beneficial as installing energy efficient windows. In Minneapolis—with our brutally cold winters—this is doubly true.

I’m not saying this just because I sell windows, either. Trust me—regardless of what company you choose to install energy efficient windows (assuming said company is high quality), you’ll experience numerous benefits both financially and regarding the quality of your home life.

Want proof?

Let me break down six of the biggest benefits of energy efficient windows in Minneapolis.

  1. Lower Energy Bills

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Minnesota winters can get cold. But not just any cold. I’m talking “so-bone-chillingly-frigid-penguins-would-think-twice-about-migrating-here” cold. So if you have old inefficient windows, your heating bill likely explodes during the winter.

By installing energy efficient windows, you literally save hundreds of dollars per year on your energy bills. When you’re researching replacement windows, look for ones with a low U-factor. U-factor measures the rate of heat loss in a window. The lower the U-factor, the better the window is at keeping heat in your home. Check out this article for more information about window energy efficiency in Minneapolis.

  1. Improved Views, More Sunlight

We’ve touched on how energy efficient windows are beneficial during the winter. Now let’s talk about their advantages in the summer.

While U-factor measures the heat loss of a window, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures how much solar radiation a window admits. The lower the SHGC rating, the better the window is at blocking unwanted heat from entering your home. This is achieved through a clear Low-E coating on the window pane.

Windows with a good SHGC are great for summer. You can keep your blinds open—letting the sunshine pour in and experiencing the outdoor view—without having to worry about your home reaching excess temperatures.

  1. Enhanced Comfort

In addition to saving you money, energy efficient windows will give you a more comfortable home. Energy efficient windows greatly reduce unwanted outdoor temperatures from entering your home. The inside of your home will feel great 24/7/365.

Comfortable temperatures have also been shown to reduce stress levels and increase productivity. By installing energy efficient windows, you may improve both your physical and mental health!

  1. Less Fading On Interior Furnishings

Today’s energy efficient windows come with a supplemental benefit: they reduce fading on your interior furnishings.

Special coating on energy efficient windows greatly diminishes the ultraviolet and other solar radiation that fades fabrics and furnishings. As a result, you can keep your blinds open without having to worry about the sun damaging your belongings.

  1. A Quieter Home

Energy efficient windows are built with stout insulating materials. A secondary benefit of this is that energy efficient windows can reduce outdoor noise pollution.

Quality windows that include energy efficient features (such as multiple glass panes and insulated frames) help block unwanted noise from infiltrating your home.

  1. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Bottom line: The less energy your home uses, the lower your carbon footprint. When you have energy efficient windows, you don’t need to use your home’s heating and cooling system as often. New energy efficient windows are an easy way to get a “greener” lifestyle in Minneapolis.

We Have The Most Energy Efficient Windows In Minneapolis… Hands Down.

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What does that mean? That our windows are independently rated the most energy efficient on the market.

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Steve Copsey