Casement window replacement in the Twin Cities is a trending home improvement. In fact, many homeowners prefer this window style. They open outward, and are ideal space-saving designs above kitchen sinks, in bathrooms, and other limited areas. Check out these top five reasons to choose casement window replacements.

1. Low Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning casement windows is a simple and straightforward process. Because this style of windows features just one large pane of glass, wiping them clean is effortless. They are also fade-, chip-, and crack-resistant, delivering an excellent return on investment.

2. Smooth Operation

Hand cranks for opening casement windows are advantageous for windows in hard-to-reach locations, such as above sinks and countertops or behind furniture. The site of the cranks eliminates the need to push windows open or reach up to close them.

3. Maximum Ventilation

When you choose a casement replacement window in the Twin Cities, your windows will open completely to allow fresh air to circulate. Not only will these window styles ventilate your house, but in addition to catching side breezes, they will keep your home’s interior crisp, comfortable, and smelling clean throughout the summer.

4. Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient casement windows regulate the interior temperature of your home, promoting significant savings on utility bills. In fact, these windows can increase the energy efficiency of your home up to 45 percent in the winter and 70 percent during the summer months.

5. Superior Security

Casement window locks are secured to the frames, providing enhanced security and safety. The ability to determine how wide to open your windows enables you to eliminate the vulnerability of leaving a large opening created by other window styles.

Easy cleaning, smooth operation, energy efficiency, clean lines, and maximum security contribute toward the popularity of casement window replacement in the Twin Cities. Moreover, the side hinges enable the entire sash to swing and open outward to provide wide-open ventilation and top-to-bottom unobstructed views.