Nothing lasts forever, and eventually, even the most well-built windows will need to be replaced. Sometimes, even if your windows still have some life left in them, it may be time for a change anyway in order to better match your home’s style. If you’re in the market to replace the windows on your house, go green and select something that won’t only look good but that will be kind to your pocketbook over time. There are a number of energy-efficient windows in St. Paul to choose from.


Double-hung windows add an elegant charm to your home, both on the inside and the outside. These certainly aren’t new options; they’ve been around for several decades. This type of window opens from the top and the bottom, making cleaning and maintenance easy. When shut, double-huge windows will keep air from escaping your home, thus ensuring the temperature of your home is consistent and that you aren’t overusing your heating and cooling units.

Casement Windows

Another popular choice, casement windows are found just about everywhere. These have long been considered energy-efficient windows in St. Paul because they are especially effective at standing up to windy conditions. These windows swing outward on a hinge, so it’s important that they are properly sealed. However, as wind speeds pick up and blow toward the windows, the windows themselves automatically seal tighter.

Bay Windows

This type of window is often seen on custom homes. Often, they are installed as part of a home renovation. Bay windows are attractive because of the wide views they offer. They also create a small nook where you can place decorative items or even create a seat. These windows can also be constructed with energy conservation in mind to maintain pleasant temperatures in the home.

If you’re looking for energy-efficient windows in St. Paul, you’ve got plenty of choices. Select the style that fits you and your home best.